Five Great Examples of Human Modelling in Games (Featuring Lovely Celebs)

John from NAGF writes: "Whilst looking forward to L.A. Noire, we’ve decided to reminisce a bit and highlight the best rendering jobs developers have done with filthy human beings over the last couple of generations.

"And what better way than to scrutinise celebrity faces and check their transition over to the gaming world? Here’s our favourite five!"

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alphakennybody3857d ago

onimusha 3 was an amazing looking game back then and still is today

NotAGF3857d ago

Scouting YouTube today to remind myself of how amazing it was. Beats some titles today into submission!

alphakennybody3857d ago

miss the capcom of those days,not the crapcom of today

iamnsuperman3857d ago

I forgot Ricky Gervais was in Grand Theft Auto IV he does look realistic in it especially he low comedy talent

DelbertGrady3857d ago

Here's a fun fact. Bruce Willis was the first famous actor to be modeled in a game (Apocalypse, 1998, PS1).

Quagmire3856d ago

Another fun fact, the actor of Scott Shelby in Heavy Rain also played a supporting role in the film Snatch, directed by Guy Ritchie who is now Jacqui Ainsley's (aka: Madison Paige in Heavy Rain) boyfriend.

NotAGF3857d ago

We were also debating whether to put Snoop in there from True Crime, but Fiddy's mouth was just filthy for us not to include him.

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