Uncharted 3 EDGE scans are here

Gamersmint writes : The latest issue of EDGE is carrying a lot of juicy info for ND's upcoming game Uncharted 3. A guy has got hold of it and we have the scans for you.

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Karooo3854d ago

This game is gonna rule

dangert123854d ago

I hope so the funny thing about uncharted and its genre was i never played the game til this year because i did't like over games in the genre maininly tomb raider so after seeing this online and thinking this is the better version of gears because it had pace that gears lacked and p'd me eventually i tried the story and loved it great game but i still dont like tomb raider lol

velocitygamer3854d ago

Better version of Gears? How the hell can you think that?!

-Superman-3854d ago

Yess. I love so much desert. I always wanted to have action tps game in desert. Finally we have it

FrankMcSpank3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )


1: Uncharted is nothing like Gears. Gears is a TPS. Uncharted is an Action Adventure with shooting, puzzle solving and platforming. In Gears of War, you can't jump over a wall if it's more than 4 feet tall. Two different games.

2. Please take some grammer classes or slow down when you type. Your post is hard to understand bro.

dangert123854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )


Its a 5v5 3rd person shooter with cover what made me think it was better then gears was jump lol on gears you can't jump and it was faster paced game play but i don't like the perks in uncharted i do think gears is for more fair

i was talking about online there is no adventure in uncharteds online death match and it is very simular to gears of war

kungfuian3854d ago

Hate to comment on this kind of stuff but seriously? That wall of text left me out of breath, feel free to insert these anywhere you like. ,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,!

dangert123854d ago


;) lol

thief3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

You are right, Uncharted is nothing like Gears because it so much superior
For one, as you pointed out, Uncharted has far more variety, puzzle solving and platforming and stealth aspects as well
It has much more color and better environments, while Gears is flat and grey
The story - no comparison
No bugs, host lag and unbalanced weapons in Uncharted, people actually use more than one weapon

But you know what struck me when I first played Gears? Even the combat is so much better in Uncharted.

Basically, both are about cover. But Uncharted adds two aspects that add so much - height and speed. So, all those flanking maneuvers become so much more interesting.

Just one advice: play Gears before you play Uncharted. Its impossible to trudge through Gears otherwise, its so mediocre compared to Uncharted.

Jmlopezbr3854d ago

Is there a page 49 missing?

I can't seem to see it... Maybe its just one of those dumb moments and I am overlooking it.

48 ends with Marco and no polo on any other page nor with punctuation at the end to show its a finished sentence. Plus the only page where you can barely see the page number, it looks like it starts with a 5

dangert123854d ago

Do you guys know i was talking about the online when i was comparing gears and uncharted 2 lol

rockleex3854d ago

There's huge differences in the online mode also.

For one, you can jump around and climb many different objects and parts of buildings.

Two, the characters don't go to a "downed" state that requires you to finish them off with a chainsaw attack.

Three, the controls are so much smoother and seamless in Uncharted.

dangert123854d ago

yh i did say th jumping was one of the reasons i prefered uncharted but to say there not simular is a bit silly i never said they was the same and i do think there compairable online they both have co-op story and hoarde mode too lol

Foliage3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

With that logic you can compare it with so many other multi-player games that your opinion is pretty much void.

The fact of the matter is that the Single Player campaign in any Uncharted game is better than all Gears games combined.

The multi-player is just a bonus, and really, Uncharted MP is much better. Are you completely forgetting how terrible Gears 2 was? I'm a huge Gears fan, but 2 was complete balls.

Uncharted is by far the better all around game in just about every category, and nothing in Gears is original. The game is a modern carbon copy of Kill.Switch, and countless other games.

Pumbli3854d ago

Foliage - "The fact of the matter is that the Single Player campaign in any Uncharted game is better than all Gears games combined. "

Fact? Is that a fact?

I may prefer Uncharted over Gears but in no way does my opinion make the GeOW series bad. I love Gears and I hope I'll be able to get a 360 this summer to finish GeOw 2.

Seriously, drop that fanboy nonsense, it's sickening to see how some my fellow PS3 gamers act on here.

Ugh, why do I bother commenting...

Oh well, I can't wait for Uncharted 3! It looks really freaking awesome.

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Christopher3854d ago

Wish it didn't take so long to get my copy of Edge in the U.S.

snaz273854d ago

I do hope there is no one in here that's complained about piracy! As taking scans is also another form of theft... Don't get me wrong i'm not complaining about the scans, as i don't complain about piracy either... Just thought i'd throw it in there.

CaptainPunch3854d ago

Agreed. Hopefully this skin will be available in multiplayer.

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gameseveryday3854d ago

who the hell is that guy with a beard?

Nitrowolf23854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

From the description it looks like a costume for drake
but he looks much older

cyborg3854d ago

this is going to own the holiday session

blizzard_cool3854d ago

Yay for more focus on bosses!

soundslike3854d ago

I. Hate. Web. Designers. That. Don't. Link. IMAGES.

for fraks sake. Would it kill them for a picture to blow up to native size when I click on the thumbnail? Why must it go to a new page just for a slightly larger thumbnail with the direct link that should have been on the original page?

xAlmostPro3854d ago

i hate people that confuse web designers and web developers..

web developers code.. designers make things look pretty, your frustrations are with developers.. thanks

soundslike3854d ago

Thanks for clarifying. Really doesn't change much though, does it.

xAlmostPro3854d ago

well yeah it does, your agruement was with the wrong people..

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