Silent Hill: Downpour Details Compiled From GI Scans

Hell Descent: Gone with the working title of Silent Hill 8; Silent Hill: Downpour has been revealed to be the latest entry in the horror series. Newcomer developer Vatra aims to make this title new, but stick true to classic Silent Hill formula. Game Informer has had exclusive time with a demo of the title, and their February issue contains a 5 page article filled with info. We have summed up the new gameplay features in Silent Hill: Downpour below. Hit the jump for the full list.

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monkeygenx4026d ago

Silent Hill can potentially come back with this title

DevilsJoker4026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

Yeah, It's looking fairly promising. Taking notes from shattered memories helps, I swear that game is just under-rated because nobody played it.

But yeah, when they said 'Water plays a big part in the otherworld' at first i was like 'HELL NO' then i remembered in silent hill 2 when the room is on fire and the chick is like 'This is how it always looks to me', made me realised we've pretty much just been seeing a rehash of the same SH1 'Flesh and Decay' themed otherworld with the exception of shattered memories. Colour me excited.

Acquiescence4026d ago

Shattered Memories was a stunning trip from start to finish. It's easy to rip on it because of it's unconventional gameplay design and the fact that it didn't feel a whole lot like a Silent Hill game. But I've played few games that have been so perfectly-paced from beginning to end and remained consistently intriguing throughout.

Dare I say it's my second favourite in the SH franchise after number 2.

And yes, Downpour has me wholly excited too. It dares to be different in some respects, yet seems to retain that Silent Hill vibe/aura that the later games have lacked.

Kamikaze1354026d ago

Seems far, Shattered Memory is my favorite in the series. That game is amazing.

BubbleSniper4026d ago

[email protected] memories

game was terrible compared to 1st 3. 2 attempt 2 remake sh1 is one of most awful mistake by crapomi.

this look good tho, this look more potential than sh: homecoming for very sure.

TheMutator4026d ago

wow what a mediocre name for this silent hill psss , can homecoming getting worst yeahhhh is downpour

Raidou4026d ago

Dude, did you pass first grade english? Or do you think smashing your face down on a keybooard can be a comment?

Think before you post dumb things.

TheMutator4026d ago

my first language is not english asshole

Raidou4025d ago

Alright then, I apologize. Drinks are on me, man.

sam22364026d ago (Edited 4026d ago )

"Enemy chase scenes similar to Silent Hill: Shattered Memories return."

"The ability to look over your shoulder and knock down objects to slow enemies returns from Silent Hill: Shattered Memories."

"Combat is similar to the classic titles, but with an Origins-like limited weapon durability."

"Boss battles contain Quick-Time-Events."

"No weapon inventory."

They really are trying to make the shittiest game ever, aren't they?

Also, why are they recycling the worst things from Origins and Shattered Memories? Sequels, in general, are supposed to improve on what the previous game/film/whatever did, right? I don't see any improvments here.

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