Blu-ray Camp Responds To 51GB HD DVD claims

The Blu-ray Disc Association has responded to claims that the HD DVD Promotional Group is to release triple-layer 51GB HD DVD discs. Frank Simonis, chairman of the BDA, told that he is not surprised by the announcement and that the HD DVD Group is reacting to the market instead of leading it.

Simonis indicated a belief that the HD DVD Group's BD-trumping 51GB disc announcement is purely a publicity stunt.

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PimpHandHappy5067d ago

CES2007 or something?

I listened to the podcast about that show and they said blueray players where playing on every TV that they where using. They also said HD-DVD did make this claim then blueray said they have a 200GB layered disk.

They also said HD-DVD players where hidden in the corner and blueray was everywhere.

These are ppl that where at the show and they had the feeling blueray stole the show and in fact is the better format.

Doesnt look good for HD-DVD if a hi-def TV and entertainment show is using mainly blueray to show off the goods of next-gen Hi-Def TV's.


Joe5067d ago

Here are a couple of reasons why Blu-ray needs to work on more. BETTER MOVIE/SHOW TITLES.

Transformers the Movie on HD-DVD, not Blu-ray.
The TV series "Heroes" is on HD-DVD, not Blu-ray.

If only Blu-ray had some movies/shows that would give a reason to choose Blu-ray over regular DVD and HD-DVD, I'd buy blu-ray.

So far, I want to watch Transformers and Heroes in high-def because it's going to look AWESOME!!!!

Blu-ray may have a lot of movie titles, but they lack quality. There is not 1 blu-ray movie I want to buy that I can't watch on DVD or HD-DVD and it's much cheaper.

nekon5067d ago

You're kidding right? It seems your only form of HD education is based on only the recent HD-DVD related topics.. You've got it all wrong, it isn't about having titles not found on DVD or HD-DVD but having better SQ and PQ. Joe if those are the only things you want to watch in HD then I'm sorry but you're cutting yourself VERY short IMO. They lack quality? lol In your whole post you've not given one solid fact. Your post is nothing more then biased opinionated fluff. Save us next time.

Oh and you will most likely be able to get Transformers on Blu-ray thanks to CJ Enterprises in South Korea. There are a number of HD-DVD exclusives on Blu-ray.. Children of Men is one that comes to mind. Plus more coming out like the upcoming Iron Man and Hulk movies.

Joe5067d ago

It's unfortunate that the millions of people are more like the average Joe like myself. I don't know all the tech hooplah behind blu-ray and hd-dvd. All I know for certain is that I'm the average consumer who, given the choice, to buy blu-ray or hd-dvd based on price and quaility of titles. I'll go hd-dvd. The player is cheaper and the movies are better quality meaning "block-buster" hits!

Average consumer is not going to buy Transformers from Korea. They'll go to Best Buy and find out Transformers is on HD-DVD only.

Bleyd5067d ago

Pirates of the Carribbean 1, 2, and 3. Oh and every other Disney movie.

nekon5067d ago

There’s no point in reffering to the “average Joe” or “average consumer” as they don’t even know what HD is at this point. The average anyone isn’t buying Blu-ray or HD-DVD, in fact they just got serious about DVD. The HD savy consumers are choosing Blu-ray more often then HD-DVD. While you chose to go HD-DVD because of a cheaper player make sure it support a true 1080p output or any of the HD audio codecs rarely used by HD-DVD. As for your comment about blockbusters.. You may want to research the distributors and which movies they represent. While you may enjoy Shrek 3 and Transformers there’s millions of more dollars in blockbusters exclusively on Blu-ray format in the US. So like I said, Transformers is on Blu-ray.. Lots of people import foreign movies.

Rageaholic5067d ago

I guess you dont like casino royale

Gizmo_Logix5067d ago

Blu-ray: Triple-layer, quad-layer, octo-layer!

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WilliamRLBaker5067d ago

Logic dictates that HD DVD had no problem geting to dual layer discs, yet blu ray had problems for all most a year prefecting dual layer.

Logic Dictates the dvd forum has proven a triple disc is capable, And that blu ray hasn't...

So I dont believe either side because hd dvd wants money, and the blu ray camp is sucky at puting PR spin on any thing so instead lies through their teeth and comes up with 20 different execs to say this and that about hd dvd when the dvd forum makes any announcement.

*goes back to play his wii, ps3, and 360*

nekon5067d ago

What world do you live in? Where are you getting your information? It's horribly biased an uninformed.. I suggest you give Google a visit. I hope you find accurate information as I'd rather not do the leg work.. Just trust that you're wrong and the info is readily available.

I'll edit this post if I need to add sources for you guys.. but I'd rather not have to.

gEnKiE5067d ago

nekon, i agree with you 100%. I like seeing fanboys put in their place :] keep it up. Bubble for you my friend.

KeMoBLUE5067d ago

i still find it funny how they manage to make a disk that is ONE GIG bigger than blu-rays LMAO. wow desperate.

kreetah5067d ago

This new format is just to hype HD-DVD and will break the rules to work. Most people know that 15gb is a single layer, 30gb is a dual layer, and now a tripple layer is 51gb? Guess they are reenginerring the standard to be 17gb, 34gb, and 51gb?

cdzie15067d ago

What would you expect the Blu-ray group to say? Of course they are not happy about this!

synetic5067d ago

hd dvd owners are not happy too for the fact that to watch 51 GB hd dvd disk they will need a new player .... so sad

well i have a xbox 360 hd dvd addon and im not happy

jaja14345067d ago

Actually if you bother to read about it, all it would need is a firmware upgrade.

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