Plasma Station : LittleBigPlanet 2 Review

One of the biggest games in 2011, and it comes out in the first month! LittleBigPlanet was an amazing game and nothing could do better, with the 3 million plus levels users created and shared with the world. But now there is a sequel and is it worthy of a return? Or is it sackboy’s final stand at the top of the world? This game is amazing; LittleBigPlanet 2 has passed the original game, and improved in every aspect of mechanics in a video game. This is fun for families, hardcore gamers, or for anyone who has a PS3. This exclusive will surely make all the 360 owners jealous of this masterpiece...

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mike90773858d ago

Dam I havent seen any score below a 9 for this game it must be exceptional.

Best3858d ago

i saw a 6............................

out of 6

chadley3858d ago

I wish this was on Facebook so I could like it

ABizzel13858d ago

1 GOTY contender down who will be the others?

FrankMcSpank3858d ago

There is one 85 on the meta. I don't remmeber the site but they are losers. Oh it's at 94 with 21 reviews not including this one or G4, and a bunch more. I see this bad boy hitting 96. I can't wait. Amazon emailed me and said they are shipping it about a week earlier, so I am going to get it around release, I am glad they are getting early copies for us who live far away.

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VenomProject3858d ago

I seriously haven't seen anything below a 9...

This is so weird. Kinda like the Twilight Zone, a Sony exclusive that isn't Uncharted isn't getting hate?! What in the blue blazes is going on?!

KillaManiac3858d ago

I would say its because simply there is nothing to compare this game to.

Its currently one of a kind series.

clank5433858d ago

Its because you have to be a heartless, hollowed out shell of a person to say something bad about the adorable sackboy and this incredibly daring achievement of a game.

jessupj3858d ago

"Its because you have to be a heartless, hollowed out shell of a person to say something bad about the adorable sackboy and this incredibly daring achievement of a game."

Isn't that 99% of the gaming media?

TANUKI3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Actually, there was ONE score of 8/10... I think it was a European website.

But yes, generally speaking, nearly all the reviews out so far, have been 9+ out of 10. A lot of 10 out of 10 though!

Lyr1c3858d ago

8.5....And it pissed me off >:/

awesomeperson3858d ago

Yeah it was some noname euro website.

CDaction, heres the link

Also some place called EGM gave it 8.5/10

TANUKI3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

@ Lyr1c and awesomeperson

Thanks for the correction.

cereal_killa3858d ago

I bet the 360 cry babies are going into overtime trying to find a website that will post a 6/10 or 7/10 just for hits.

starcb263858d ago

I saw an 8 from one website.

Focker4203858d ago

There is one 8 and one 8.5, all the others are 9 and above.

starcb263858d ago

Incgamers' review was crap.

-Alpha3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

There is one 8.5 score, but that's really it.

Edit: whoops, everybody beat me to it.

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Kon3858d ago

9.7 .... Why they don't give a 10 instead?

TANUKI3858d ago

Agreed... but I guess most journalist think, if you give something a 10/10 it means it's "perfect" in all of its sense.

49erguy3858d ago

There was a 9.9 too. I was fucking confused as to what cost it 1/10 of a point. Did they dislike the cover art?

Dsnyder3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

@4.1 People seem to believe that but I think a 10 doesnt mean "perfect" but rather that it has done the best it can possibly do with what it was given. At this point in time, it cant do any better than it has done if it gets a 10. That to me is a 10 worthy game. Of course that means over time it will no longer be a "10" as technology grows and overshadows it. Ocarania of Time recieved a 10 from IGN but by todays standards it would probably degrade to a 7.5 but it was still the best it had to offer when it came out in that time.

TANUKI3858d ago

I wholeheartly agree. I usually think of the 1 - 10 scale as "awful, bad, average, good and finally excellent".

BYE3858d ago

Uh...maybe it's simply not good enough for a 10?

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DrRichtofen3858d ago

Does anyone know if we will be able to create levels with the move controller? I'm dying to make a crazy line rider level, it seems more easy to make w/ move than it would w/ the ds3.

starcb263858d ago

I don't think move is supported yet.

doa7663857d ago

I read that there will be a paid update for Move

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