DC Universe Online PvP Primer - Player Killing Made Easy

So you want the glory and excitement of killing other players? No other form of gameplay offers more challenge than taking on non-AI avatars in any game and DC Universe Online gives players several way to find this PvP rush. Find out how you can get your player killer taste of blood and brush up on the basics of DCUO PvP in this PvP Primer.

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xino3811d ago

i play as Villain and what I used to do was:

get an idiot hero to spot me and follow me into the broken up building next to the Gotham Police station.
While attacking the hero, the gangsters will join in and start shooting the hero.

i keep winning everytime I do that tactic:) yet the same person wants revenge and comes back to the building to get owned

-Ninja Gaiden 3- is sick!:)

xryls3811d ago

im getting this on the ps3, btw ninja gaiden 3?

DirtyLary3811d ago

I'll be rolling on Heros.

There are just WAY to many villains on every server near 4-1 every encounter I had. It's the cool side for sure, but damn it's just one big zerg.

After I went hero it was rough. You can tell anyone that wants to PVP is on villains, anyone that's casual PVP is Heros. but what's the fun if you're stuck in the open world zerg. Hopefully I'll find a serios hero pvp league.

Another thing I noticed. On villain the instances were kinda bland since all the heros are so generic just like their names.. Power / wonder / super /girl,boy, man, dad mom, ect...

The hero instances were totally more fun because the DC villains are so much more entertaining and interesting.. Thats one benefit rolling hero.

3811d ago
-Superman-3811d ago

I am Superman
Its too easy to kill anyone :D

cemelc3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Unless they have kryptonite or magic and then youre screwed.

BTW batman can tottally win you, he has krytonite+money+badassery

DirtyLary3811d ago

So what xino is saying is he can't win a fight without kiting a player to mobs.

-Superman-3811d ago

Well... Superman can fly up and kill batman with laser :D

cemelc3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Batman has satelites or several for that matter probably with krytonite that can snipe you anywhere on the planet.

Aside didnt lex luthor beat the crap out of you and thats why DCO started?.

EDIT:@Bellow and why would you destroy earth?? you wouldnt have anywhere to live. And i dont think the cosmic coincidence that krytonians and humas looked the same is going to happen again for you.

-Superman-3811d ago

Well that was stupid start.
Superman can go to space and blow up this earth. So Superman still wins :D

TroyAndAbed3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Superman has one weakness...

SpitFireAce853811d ago

That is my weakness too...LOL

-Superman-3811d ago

and how Superman weakness can be a wormen?

user8586213811d ago

obviously superman will win, he keeps pulling new powers out his a**

realplayer823811d ago

I know I will get massive disagrees but I really hate batman! He has no powers only gadgets. If he wasnt rich he would be just a regular dude.

soundslike3811d ago

Not just a regular dude, but a dick. He'd probably end up killing people or robbing pharmacies.

Spitfire_Riggz3811d ago

That's crazy!!! Batman is trained to physical perfection and he's incredibly smart! GENIUS, BEAST. if he had no gadgets he'd still woop your ass! If he was retarded and a puny weakling THEN he would be a regular dude! A rich regular dude! Don't diss Bruce Wayne... I'm watching you.. 0..0. .

Figboy3811d ago

I absolutely LOVED the beta, but unfortunately, I can't buy it anytime soon. I can't even get LittleBigPlanet 2 this month.

I'm hoping by the time I get DCUO, my character name won't be taken. lol.

soundslike3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Don't worry. 99% of people make up the most unoriginal crap that would never be the same as yours. Unless your name is planned on being "Underpants Man" or "Fartdude02"

Figboy3811d ago

shit. well, maybe i can spell it "Underpantz Maannn" instead...

user8586213811d ago

Just preordered on steam, cant wait xD

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