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If you want to know how popular Pokémon games are, the new Black and White versions were pre-ordered 1.08 million times in Japan, and on launch day sold 2.6 million copies. Moving on.

Many, many of us enjoy Pokémon, with its lovable, portable creatures and delightful simplicity. We may joke about how little has changed since Red and Blue, and about how much money Nintendo has made since then without really having to be at all innovative, but we love it. Well, Pokémon fans are in for a treat with the latest pair of games, as a surprising amount of new features can be found within the region of Unova.

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dgroundwater3858d ago

"The Pokémon series has never had a reputation for trying new things or having a whole lot of depth"

What? Those visits to Smogonuniversity were just an illusion eh?