Beyond Good & Evil HD - Slaughterhouse Racing Gameplay Movie

This crazy race is not for the faint of heart. Go back to your knitting if you can't keep up.

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MagicAccent3854d ago

That music... is soo sweet.

Propaganda! :D

Bigpappy3854d ago

I remember those races. I forgot just how many events were scattered through this game. Okay, that does it. This is now the fist game I will buy from the House Party pack. I will replay this before torch light, but will be buying both.

Redempteur3854d ago

the comments during the races were fun ..

this was actually the worst race ( design ) if my memory is correct

3854d ago
Redempteur3854d ago

the person playing is not playing well ...

when i played ( ps2 version ) i did not struglle to get in first place so i must say that the controls are well done.
At least i can garantee that you're not fighting against the game to win.

HOSe3854d ago

should only be a $14.99 game.