Your eyeballs can be game controllers

At the Consumer Electronics Show, National Instruments researchers show how eye movements can control games.

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mushroomwig3848d ago

Very cool, getting rid of the mouse all together in favour of eye tracking would be amazing.

Not sure how your eyes can be game controllers though, looking in a direction on a monitor is one thing, but controlling a more complex game is quite another.

ATi_Elite3847d ago

This is old TECH for crying out loud. This has been applied to the guns on Apache Helicopters for a long time now. Where ever the pilot or gunner looks thats where the gun turns. It can be fixed to his/her head but at night it's track by their eyes looking at the screen.

Quadriplegics can use brain waves to control games, wheelchairs, and things within their homes if they can afford the tech.

deantak3848d ago

Yeah, but it can be used as part of a larger gaming system. You can use your hands for some things, and your eyes for others.