OXCGN: Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood: Multiplayer Review


"Everyone was, in the slightest, a tad skeptical when Brotherhood was announced to have a multiplayer mode. My exact first thought was, “I’ll play it once and probably stop the game, because the campaign will suck, since the game will be made around this multiplayer mode.”

At this point you know that the campaign was the best of the series to date (I should get money every time I reinforce that…), but you’ve waited for my multiplayer analysis.

Friends, it took me this long because once I put my disc in, I haven’t been able to stop."

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gaminoz3854d ago

It makes a welcome change to all the COD styled focus of most multi these days!

Proeliator3854d ago

Indeed! I personally was surprised that the author was familiar with The Ship; it's a very unknown title, but has a very similar concept.

Proeliator3854d ago

It's been a while, but long story short, the game is a multiplayer game revolving around a bunch of people on a ship, and you never know who is out to get who, or if they're out to get anybody for that matter.

BadCircuit3854d ago

"Ed's Note: It might also have been nice to see an additional 'training mode' for offline multiplayer co-op play, a sort of stealth version of Gears of War 2's Horde Mode where you have to survive waves of more and more bot assassins, avoiding and eliminating them by moving in the crowd or in wells etc. while they are quickly alerted by suspicious behaviour as in the single player game."

I think that would be cool and maybe could work, as I'd rather have fun with family and mates over competitive online style multi...we still play Nightfire and Perfect Dark.

But it would have to incorporate some stealth to be AC.

theafroman3854d ago

completely disagree it's an interesting MP but a deeply flawed one.

gaminoz3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

What flaws do you think ruin it? I'm interested in your perspective.

Oh, and I like your pic!

theafroman3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Well i was in the beta and at the time i loved it,it was fun new and very interesting i was sold on the game by then.When i finally bought it the MP was't fully fleshed out as i hoped it been just 2 modes and a hardcore options.
maybe it just me but i found a strategy that almost always helps me win,i rarely ever lost a match or ended up in last place doing this.when your in the top you tend to have more players after you i have died only to come back and die by the same character over and over again it frustrates me.
also theres small things like knocking out your opponent is weird i throw a smokebomb but they still somehow manage to get me.Also when i'm looking for a match online most of the time i can't find one and i have to wait quite awhile bit annoying.
i think ubisoft Montreal could of fix some of the balancing problems in this game if they had more time.Because to me personally brotherhood was nowhere near as excellent as assassins creed 2 was plot wise,the characters and even villains.and much more could of been done in the multiplayer in my opinion.
well there you go i wrote a bit but that's some of my issues with the game's muliplayer and bit of it's singleplayer as well.and thank you for the compliment you know it's so hard to find a nice person on n4g sometimes.
Made a mistake on how many modes the game has.also deeply flawed was a wrong choice of words for me.

gaminoz3854d ago


So are you saying you had a great strategy to get to the top but then it was annoying once you got there? Or that it was hard to get to the top because you kept getting killed by the same guy?

One thing I hate is the tendency to keep rewarding the great players with things to make them even better, leaving the newbies or crappy players with no chance, and just frustration.

I agree somewhat with you about the single player. The bigger Rome area was better than the areas in AC2, the horse and quick transport were great, and a lot of the mini game stuff was way better too (especially those for Leonardo.

But the overall story was negligible and the build up to the fight with Cesare was so slow (he's barely in the build-up) that once I got there is was like...what? He's not so bad. The mystery aspect also seemed less...the glyph thing wasn't as cool as in AC2.

theafroman3854d ago


getting to the top is't too hard I've played with people who are better than me but once you're top player sometimes you got to stop hunting and start hiding because everyone's after you.If you die the same number of people are once again after you and sometimes you don't get to do anything cause of it.

Dsnyder3854d ago

Assassins creed is a SINGLE PLAYER game. As such, I will be returning it to gamefly without even playing the multiplayer mode.

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