IGN weekly episode 21

It's technology time! We expose the PS3's user interface and the Xbox360's Vision Camera

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kewlkat0075382d ago

Since I had the PSP thats exactly what the Sony interface is all about nothing new to me. This camera I'll probally purchase. Things are lookg good so much Sh!t coming out for xbox this fall its stupid crazy....

Nodoze5382d ago

Compared to the 360 I can't help but say that the PS3 menu looks p!ss poor. If that is the best they can do, including the direct copy of the 360's X button (with a PS3 logo), then MS may be well on the way to dominance.

Sony should go back to the drawing board.

GRUNT5382d ago

The PS3 user interface is a great leap from the PS2 user interface

Schmeltz5382d ago

The PS3 interface is boring and depressing, It hase no creativness to it like the 360 because its a copy of the PSP thing. The 360's dashbourd is full of color and fully costumizable as you saw in the video. The vision camera was cool, did you guys notice the cool water effect that was in the background? (obviously going to be copied by the PS3).

Oh yeah, and having a simple interface on an ipod or a PSP it OK becuase its on the go and needs to be simple, but on a console it can be more complex like the 360's dashbourd becuase its on a tv screen where the whole screen can be used to show content and make it SIMPLE.

Schmeltz5382d ago

I agree with nodoze, not with Grunt

DJ5382d ago

for the people who say Sony copied the 360 controller. The boomerang had a home button at the 2005 pre-E3 conference and replaces the 'analog' button. I mean come on, people can argue that Microsoft copied Sony by using a DVD drive and putting dual analog sticks on their controllers.

Nodoze5381d ago

Regardless of the blatant imitation on both sides, I still think the 'menu' system Sony will be using on their Next Gen console is VERY last gen! Personally I think it looks like crap. Whether it is better than the PS2 menu is irrelevant (I for one would hope it is since that menu is over 5 years old).

Score 1 for MS for creating something original for the 360.

Minus 1 for Sony for simply porting the menu from the PSP!

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