Heavy Rain - The Good and the Bad

The graphics in general are quite good, although not as mind blowing as first expected, there are a lot of assets that don't seem to have gotten the same level of attention as the characters. Controlling animation speed can be fun and interesting but all too often the charters seem alien and move like robots.

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Shazz3858d ago

I will never forget this game it was such a great story

Neckbear3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

You know, you're kind of overreacting.

After playing games for years and years, Heavy Rain's story doesn't even comes near being considered "good", at least in my eyes.

Ah, whatever, this movie-game mixup can be pretty entertaining sometimes, but that's about it

LarVanian3858d ago

You know, you're kind of overreacting.
----------------------------- -------------------

He's not overreacting if that is his opinion. And I agree Heavy Rain had a great storyline. I was hooked right from the start to finish.

Chris3993858d ago

It was the flow of the game and the way that Cage captured the characters. They were almost real. The night-club/ dancing scene was one of my favorite gaming moments ever. Not because of Madison getting all sexy (that helped, let's be honest), but it was the music and dancing and total immersion in a believable digital world.

I can't recall anything else quite like it in 20+ years of gaming. Pretty spectacular.

The story though, had holes you could ride an elephant through. I think Cage should get a professional scriptwriter next time and just stick to the direction and engineering of the game. The type-writer maker scene completely ruined the plot too (gave away the murderer).

On a side-note the whole "Taxidermist" DLC (which I did yesterday) was well paced, scary and fun.

Dee_913858d ago

^ i stayed in that club for like 30 mins lol

awesomeperson3858d ago


The only thing that kinda put me out of the immersion were the children. The voiceacting was horrible.

Oh and JASSSONNN!!!!

Apart from that I totally agree, probably the most immersed I got into a game in 2010.

AKS3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

I'd agree there are some issues with the story, but what to what standard are we holding Heavy Rain? Compared to great books or films, Heavy Rain's storytelling needs some work.But compared to the average video game the characters and storytelling of Heavy Rain shame them. Look at something like Bayonetta, DMC, Gears, Resident Evil, ect. Are you being just as critical of the storytelling in those games? There're all great franchises, but the storytelling pales in comparison to most of what's in Heavy Rain, especially regarding things like Ethan's relationship with his son and his marital history. There was a lot that worked well. Quantic Dream was also great with building suspense and emotionally powerful moments. Yes, they stumbled on a few key points, but it was a massive improvement over Indigo Prophecy. Cage just needs a writing partner to clean up a few, but important, inconsistencies. Most of the storytelling was quite good, especially given the added difficulty of the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure format.

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outwar60103858d ago

I love all quantic dream games they truly are epic and i wish more games are as story driven in the future

PimpHandHappy3858d ago

The Good=you played it

The Bad=you missed it

OllieBoy3858d ago

The game made you the director and I thought that was really cool.

Quantic Dream nailed what the game was really all about. The story was just your typical murder mystery, but it was up to you to dictate how things would play out and it was incredibly fun to do.

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