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schlanz2842d ago

Professor Layton lol

good game, I loved it, but c'mon.

Also, too much Wii in that list and not enough RDR or Heavy Rain.

frjoethesecond2842d ago

Heavy rain and ME2 were win imo. Every platform had it's share of win. There was Peace walker, SMG2, Starcraft 2 and Prof layton aswell.

PlayerX2842d ago

The reason there is "too much Wii" is because Wii dominated 2010.

frjoethesecond2842d ago


Wii was decent this year but it still sucks on the grand scale of things.

mackormoses2842d ago

Wii had a killer year. A top ten list could be made with just Wii titles. Tat vs. Capcom, No More Heroes, Red Steel, Donkey Kong, Kirby, Mario, Goldeneye, Monster Hunter Tri, Epic Mickey, Cave Story, Jett Rocket, etc. Throw in a few cross console games like Rock Band 3, and Wii could totally own the charts.

This was Wii's year.

schlanz2841d ago

No console dominated this year. But Wii had a great year, I wouldn't deny it. SMG2 would be my personal choice for GotY. That said, I still can't take this list seriously for having Prof Layton at #1.. good game, I beat it and finished almost every puzzle in it, and I thought it was the best of the series so far... but to declare it GotY is ludicrous.

chadley2842d ago

This list was missing a lot of really good games, but I found it incredibly refreshing and different. I was also incredibly stoked to see No More Heroes 2 On Somebody elses list besides my own. Howevre that being said Red Dead and Mass Effect 2 deserved spots on the list.

silverhawk792842d ago

Well, how we did it was we had each staff member, writer, editor, etc. assign points to each game they wanted, and we simply took the totals and went with them. I was surprised to see some games missing as well, but pleasantly surprised with others.