Destructoid: CES: Yep, Torchlight on a Console

Destructoid ot a chance to get hands on with the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade version of Torchlight last night at a CES Xbox House Party event.The good news is that it looks great.

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ATi_Elite3856d ago

"In fact, being able to kick back and play Torchlight on the big screen, with your thumbs, without being hunched over a keyboard, may be a revelation for some PC gamers. I'm just saying".

I'm just saying your an ASS Clown that doesn't realize you can easily connect a PC to a Big screen TV and use a wireless controller (which were invented first for the PC anyway, a revelation to some consolers like this moron who wrote this article).

Have fun with Torchlight while I play Torchlite 2 and Diablo 3 on my PC

Jaces3856d ago

This makes me happy, I've wanted to play this for awhile but due to my computers poor performance with games I've been unable to enjoy it until now. :D

Honky Kong3856d ago

just about any pc will run this.

STONEY43856d ago

An integrated Intel card could run this game. The whole "my PC isn't good enough" argument doesn't work for this game.

Jaces3856d ago

Well I'm no computer wiz so I wouldn't have known either way without actually buying the game and giving it a shot.

Bigpappy3856d ago

I had no idea PC gamers were so sensitive.

On-topic: I don't know which on to start plaing first, this or BGE.
I finished BGE on Xbox1, but never finished Torchlight. You know what I did finish it, but there was something I didn't get to do. Any way, these game are not short.

CrzyFooL3856d ago

Looks worse and has mediocre frame rates on XBLA - but I guess it's good that console gamers can finally play it :-)

jriquelme_paraguay3856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

What is this? 1st time i hear about this game

dragunrising3855d ago

Is Torchlight exclusive to Xbox Live? Thats what is saying. Also, Microsoft is publishing the game.