Pachter: 40GB PS3 could Combat Halo 3

Halo 3 sales will top 3 million in 12 days, driving Xbox 360 sales, says Michael Pachter, who believes a PS2 price cut and new 40GB PS3 could be announced by Sony at TGS to combat the Halo 3 juggernaut.

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RadientFlux4969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

The PS2 dropping to $99 seems likely but I don't think Sony is ready to drop the price of the PS3 again.

If Sony lowers the price of PS3 again so soon... it wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft does the same.

Evil0Angel4969d ago

Microsoft's Andre Vrignaud has stated he expects Sony to offer consumers a 40GB PlayStation 3 SKU by Christmas this year

thereapersson4969d ago

When is the last time he was actually right about anything?

sonarus4969d ago

the guy is a clown as far as i am concerned. The earliest we can expect a ps3 price drop would have to be xmas. Right now i could care less who outsells who over which game. I am NOT a halo fan but i have it pre ordered. Why... cus the hype finally got to me. I atually have 3 really good games to play for ps3 at once. Thats a first for me. I am juggling warhawk, graw 2 and heavenly sword. Won't be buying another game till pro evoloution soccer and ratchet and clank. and october comes out with unreal tourney, haze and uncharted. my purchase of haze and unreal lean highly towards favourable reviews but uncharted is already confirmed at this point. hopefully there are some december games too:D

thereapersson4969d ago

Thanks for the non-fanboyish response. Bubble for you.

FadeToBlack4969d ago

This guy is a complete clown and i don't know why anyone would continue to listen to his projections.

Zhuk4969d ago (Edited 4969d ago )

I too agree Pachter is an idiot who should be ignored.

I am not too sure about the 40gb SKU. I dont see how having a 40gb hard drive over a 60gb hard drive could warrant a whole $100 price drop, considering that Sony would buy these hard drives in large numbers and would pay far cheaper prices than the average consumer does for a hard drive so there is no way that Sony are saving $100 per unit to be able to justify a price drop just by switching the hard drive to a 40gb model.

I think it would have been a smarter idea to keep selling a 20gb SKU. It would of been cheaper for Sony to have produced and the losses would have been less than a 40gb SKU at $399 and the 20gb is the same size as a 360 premium's hard drive. Bundle the 20gb with Spider-Man, Heavenly Sword and put Warhawk on the Hard Drive and you have an awesome holiday bundle that is of extremely good value, promoting arguably PS3s most impressive titles and at the same time promoting Blu-Ray with one of the biggest video releases of the year.

Anyways that's what I think they should do! :)

edit: I want to ask do people think that Sony can afford to do a sustained $399 40gb model? We already know they're losing considerable money on the console even at its higher price points thanks to the feature rich nature of the console, so from a business standpoint I wonder if they can actually take that much of a hit. They would be losing an incredible amount of money on the system, considering even at $600 they still are losing money on it, I just dont buy that a smaller hard drive is going to make that much of a difference to how much a PS3 costs to produce

i Shank u4969d ago

he was right about the 360 price drop.....eventually lol
i could careless about this guy also, tho i think itd be nice if the ps3 did drop to 399 so soon. was planning on picking one up at that price next year, i figured; this year would be nice :)

jaja14344969d ago

I don't understand why people listen to this. HE IS A FINICAL ADVISER. And to the people calling him a clown, you do realize he makes more money in a year than some people see in there lifetime. If thats what a clown is, count me in.

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Syko4969d ago

Let me start off by saying this guy is a F'ing idiot, And 97% of the crap he says is to get attention.

I would definitely be surprised if Sony announced the cheaper 40gig PS3 this soon. But I do agree they need some kind of announcment to take whatever they can away from the Halo 3 launch. I think at this point however even Sony knows it is like an out of control freight train right now and very little can be done to hinder it. I really think they would just rather weather the storm and press hard after it's release while MS gathers itself post release.

Odion4969d ago

why would have released the 80 gig, and gotten rid of the 60 gigs just to add a 40 gig, dropping 20 gigs doesn't= a 100 dollar price difference

THE_JUDGE4969d ago

is bundled with a game also lest you fools forget. The 40gig is a great possibility. Although I believe Patcher is a tool, he may have a point. Do you think that he knows there's a legion of videogame fans who loathe when he opens his mouth?

tplarkin74969d ago would not be backwards compatible and it wouldn't have wi-fi.

THE_JUDGE4969d ago

Did Kaz call you up and tell you that and no one else? Sony hasn't even said it exists and your already trying to take components out of it? Thats a b.s. rumor, stop running your mouth with no facts to back it up.

Odion4969d ago

Nothing they've done shows that their going to pull this move, first they go rid of the 20 gig model, then the 60 gig, now you think their going to make a 40 gig! Please

i Shank u4969d ago

kotaku's mole, or whoever got the rumor on 40gb ps3, said in the rumor that it wouldnt have wi-fi or the hardware B.C.(i think it would have the software b.c.), yea its all speculation but its also part of the rumor, he didnt make that up

THE_JUDGE4969d ago

I know the rumor and a rumor is a rumor, I'm talking about the possiblility that the 40 gig exsits and he was talking about its components as if it already did. Let's first hear that it exists before where start taking stuff out of it is all I'm saying.

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