Hirai says PS3 is not yet in production

'In an extensive interview with consumer site GameSpot, Hirai stated, "We haven't started manufacturing [the PS3] yet."

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OutpostCommand5382d ago

Well they better bloody start manufacturing !
I want my PS3 on launch day no matter what.

TheXgamerLive5382d ago

NO ps3 this year. You'll pre order and recieve a silly lil kit but no ps3 til feb.or march 07. To many problems still, I mean there isn't even a good working final dev.yet and no final specs yet. Sorry but again more sony BS.

achira5382d ago

do you know when ms started the production ? of course not. if your comment would be true, then we would never had the xbox360. and dont forget sony has its own factories, and far more than ms had. so calm down and be cool.

T-Rac5382d ago

I must admit it is a bit worrying to hear this about the PS3

and please boys and girls dont start flaming each other try to keep the comments on topic... :D

achira5382d ago

do someone know from which date the article is ? perhaps its a little bit old ?

OutpostCommand5382d ago

Good point Achira.
Hell, from what we know it could be from March !

ironwolf5382d ago

He references and discusses analysts reports that are less than a week old. Is that recent enough for you?