Kinect is indeed fastest-selling game hardware ever

They said it couldn't be done... OK, gamesradar said it couldn't be done, but after selling more than 7 million units in just two months, Kinect has indeed earned the title of fastest-selling videogame hardware, which Microsoft was hoping to achieve.

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MaximusPrime3857d ago

Scrolled down.

RageAgainstTheMShine3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

thanks Maximus...saved us some precious time

its not marketing its hyper hyping a product that can't sell itself in terms of quality

4Sh0w3857d ago

yeah higher kinect sales will ultimately lead to more support and better games from devs, just like any other platform, personaly I hope we see more dance games too, I like watching my wife playing dance central.

Aquanox3857d ago

Haha... poor guys. Who are you going to believe then? Microsoft also gave the numbers @ CES and you still dismiss them as if they were less credible than Sony's.


StanLee3857d ago

Kinect isn't shouldn't be classified as video game hardware, it's not self sufficient. It's a peripheral. I can't buy just Kinect and play a Kinect game. It needs the XBox 360, making it a peripheral.

pixelsword3857d ago

Two years.

The average lifespan of peripherals.

Rob the robot

Sega CD


Wii light gun...

etc, etc, etc...

Mark my words;

people never learn.

NewMonday3857d ago

VGC and those who quote its numbers are living in a bubble.

jneul3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

@poxelsword lol except kinect sends gaming even futher backwards as games are limited wuth it just like eyetoy was i give it a few months max

ManGastaS3857d ago

Sony already used all weapons to stop the Xbox this generation and none worked!
Blu-ray did not work
PS Home has not worked
LBP did not work
MGSolid did not work
PS3 Slim did not work
PS3 for $ 300 did not work
God of War 3 did not work
GT5 did not work
PS Move did not work

I think Sony better start copying kinect before Xbox reachs 70 million consoles sold!

rockleex3857d ago

Nothing worked for Sony.

I guess that's why Sony has cut down Microsoft's 1 year lead?

What with VG Chartz undertracking Sony's sales while overtracking Microsoft's sales and all.

With the entire media dooming the PS3 time and again.

With a $600 price tag to start off with.

With "no games".

With the PS3 currently still costing as much as a launch PS2.

While you can buy a Wii or 360 for $199.

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Zir03857d ago

MS said they shipped 8ml and have none in the channel. Plus Kinect is topping all retailer charts.

So you can bet 8ml shipped is indeed 6.5-7ml SOLD, you don't need VGC to tell you that.

Chris3993857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Are you a shareholder? A Microsoft employee? The only thing that you should be concerned about are games for the device. If you don't like dancing or fitness software, there's not much for Kinect at the moment.

Spending $150 on a fancy piece of kit (or cheer-leading others to do so just to justify your own mania) that has no core games for at least another 6-12 months MINIMUM isn't sensible; at least not to the people who frequent N4G.

I'm waiting to see how the TGS-revealed Japanese games turn out before I'll even consider a purchase.

DelbertGrady3857d ago


"Spending $150 on a fancy piece of kit (or cheer-leading others to do so just to justify your own mania) that has no core games for at least another 6-12 months MINIMUM isn't sensible; at least not to the people who frequent N4G."

Believe it or not but some of us are actually able to enjoy casual AS WELL AS hardcore games. I doubt many people, on N4G or elsewhere, buy motion peripherals looking for a hardcore experience.

SMOK3xFFx3857d ago


Spending $100 + $60 per extra person you want to play with + $30 for additional nav controllers + any add-ons, on hardware that does not have 1 single game worth playing that can't already be played with the PS3 controller isn't sensible to anyone ACCEPT majority of the people who frequent N4G.

"Are you a shareholder? A Microsoft employee? The only thing that you should be concerned about are games for the device. If you don't like dancing or fitness software, there's not much for Kinect at the moment."

Wouldn't good sales lead to more quality Kinect games from Microsoft? Why wouldn't you want a company you support to make as much money as possible?

DERKADER3857d ago

Dump on PS3 = Most Hits
Praise the 360 = 2nd most hits
Praise the PS3 = 3rd most hits
Dump on 360 = 4th most hits
Being reasonably objective = No hits

firelogic3857d ago Show
fr0sty3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )


You don't have to buy nav controllers, so take that cost off right there (I use my ds3 to play mag with move all the time, works great). and just because you can play a game with a standard controller does not mean the move does not add to the experience. that's the stupidest logic i've ever heard. trying to take move's versatility and make it look like a bad thing. Do you know why standard games also support move? BECAUSE THEY CAN. unlike kinect, which can't even do something as simple as tiger woods. This is a bad thing how? I prefer to use move on many of the games you can also use a standard controller with (MAG, Ruse, and many psn games that support move for instance).

So, let's look at that again. $400 for a PS3 + eye + 1 move controller. $150 for 3 more. and $120 for 4 nav controllers for those 4 moves (this even takes into account having to buy an forth nav controller you don't need because you can use the included ds3 instead). This gives you 2 more people than kinect can accommodate (let's see you try to cram 4 players flailing their arms around into kinect's field of view without hitting each other. move can be played sitting down and requires little movement for many types of games) comfortably, not even taking into account the added lag bringing in 4 people introduces. it's bad enough with 2 people.

So, you've spent $670 on a PS3 with 4 move controllers and a game. let's look at what we'd need to spend to get the same experience on 360 now.

Kinect with 360 = $300. at least 2 years of live to play online and enjoy video chat = $120, 320gb HDD (not available, $250gb's for $120 are all you can get), quick charge kit (PS3 has rechargeable controllers)$20x4 (remember, some kinect games will use the standard controller also, so you need 4 of those too). 3 additional controllers $150 (closest thing 360 has available to a nav controller at the moment).

So, to have a 360 that can accommodate 4 players you are paying $620 if if only one player is ever expected to use buttons, and $770 if each player uses controllers with kinect, and that's with only 2 years of online service included (expecting that by then people will ditch 360 in favor of a next gen system). Even with only one controller with actual buttons, you're still only saving $50 and have no blu-ray and a time limit on your online service.

As you can see, the value difference isn't that great when you add up all the nickle and diming Microsoft does to get your money. They have a good way of fooling people into thinking they are paying less, but if they want the same experience they pay the same or more and end up with less features in the end also. This didn't even take Blu-Ray or any of ps3's other exclusive media features (netflix without live subscription, Qriocity, etc) into account.

Chris3993857d ago

"Wouldn't good sales lead to more quality Kinect games from Microsoft? Why wouldn't you want a company you support to make as much money as possible?"

Wow, you need to take a class in business. Short answer: no. If MS, with their limited 3rd party studios can make a killing off of cheap, easy to produce, disposable dance/ fitness/ party games, you're really setting yourself up for disappointment in thinking that they will invest that money back into a core audience. At best, what we'll have is a Wii situation. Where 3rd parties make a commendable, but ultimately failed effort at pushing quality software on the device. Where are the INTERNALLY developed/ rumored Kinect games? Guarantee you won't see them. It's not financially sound for MS (again with their limited internal studios) to produce that sort of software as well as maintain growth and 3rd party support for other areas of their platform.

MS will focus on the Kinect Sports, Kinectimals and Avatar based games, as they're easy to produce with decent to massive returns.

This is about money, after all. And it's far more profitable to make low risk casualware than AAA games, especially if that's where the $ is at.

@Delbert. If you spent $150 + the cost of a game to do fitness or dancing, you could just as easily do that in real life. I don't advocate "lifestyle" software on ANY platform in lieu of actual activity. We have a grand world out there, we should be enjoying it while it, and our health lasts.

Death3857d ago


Your logic is flawed. Everyone has different tastes and needs as far as hardware goes. Move is interesting,but not much more than we already have with Wii. Adding Move support to existing games isn't really helping. Sony needs new and unique IP's to differentiate Move from the competition.

Kinect isn't for everyone, but it atleast offers a unique experience to people who use it. PS3/Move and the Wii are very similar in concept and execution. Comparing them to Kinect is like comparing apples to oranges.

As for the value to dollar dead horse between the PS3 and Xbox 360, I have a couple counter points. First off is HDD space per dollar. Yes, per gig the PS3 is by far the better bargain, but in application the PS3 requires more HDD space with required partial game installs. To be honest I am surprised to see mandatory installs this late in the consoles life cycle. Sure, you can delete these installs when you are finished with the game, but that is true for both consoles.

Xbox Live is a funny topic in itself. I don't "like" paying for Live, but I do understand it is a service. The online experience for me is still much more refined with the Xbox then it is with the PS3. The PS3 does online very capably, but it is not as integrated as Live. The day Sony offers the same experience or better, people will quit paying for Live service.


SMOK3xFFx3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )


Your adding random things in the price. I'll make it simple.

-The goal, play Kinect/Move with family.-

Go for the 4GB option
$344.99 or
go for the 250GB option

XBL GOLD to play online (optional)
$48.99 per year.
Go for the 320GB option

Get additional Move controllers (optional)
$59.99 (for one) - $180 (for three)

Get additional Nav controllers (optional)
$29.99 (for one) - $90 (for three)

Get Add-on's for Move controllers (purely optional)
Charger stands, Gun attachments, Move champions pack, The Fight gloves, Controller grips/skins, and all the other inevitable attachments.

XBOX KINECT TOTAL - $349.99 (Small HDD) - $399.99 + $ 48.99 per year.

PS MOVE TOTAL - $399.00 (Bare essentials) - $669.00+ tax + any add-ons you may want.


Yeah, sure Microsoft is going to abandon the 40+ million core users that bought there console before Kinect in favor of the 7- million casuals that own Kinect.

Microsoft will support both the Core and the Casual just like they constantly keep saying; "Kinect is for the core too.", "We have not abandoned the core." Any money Microsoft makes is good because like they have said it will be invested back into both the casual AND the core audience.

ManGastaS3857d ago

8 MILLION SOLD! They never said shipped!

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FinalSpartan3857d ago

MS are doing it with the Kinect. all good and all consoles sales will boost. Kinect owning everything. But this still leaves the hardcore market dry without no games.

Dart893857d ago

Maybe until the 3ds comes out then will see.

Billy_Dee_Williams3857d ago

For some reason I dont see the 3DS getting that big of a start. I guess we have to wait and see.

eagle213857d ago

a peripheral with the worst scoring launch software ever? (according to even gamesradar anti awards). This doesn't count as true hardware...that means Wii Fit balance board, PS Eye, etc. count as true hardware.

Loner3857d ago

By your logic Gran Turismo 5 is the worst racing sim this gen

bageara3857d ago

is the only racing sim this gen

thief3857d ago

Gt5 is the only rcing sim on consoles the others are arvade sims like forza with laughable physics and car models so its both the best and worst sim

Too_many_games3857d ago

i would agree with that statement. cause it is the "Worst sim this gen"

Death3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Let's be honest. Any game that allows you to hit a wall or another car at over 100 mph and still drive away isn't a sim. GT5 is closer to a simulation, but both games fall into the same category. The day we have a racing game that allows you to trailer your car, wait for the pit crew to get it ready, and then lose the car when we destroy it on the track, we will have a simulation. Unfortunately it probably won't be much fun which is why we have the games we do today.

Anyone that disagrees need only to play any version of Microsofts Flight Simulator. Flying a Cesna cross country at night looking at nothing but blackness for hours isnt overly exciting.


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Tinasumsum3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Move launch software overall was scored worse and all of Move titles flopped.

punisher993857d ago

The launch probably wasn't all that great. But tripple A titles like Little Big Planet 2, Socom 4, and Killzone 3 are on their way.

Mustang300C20123857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )


Which can be played with my PS3 Controller so not required to have the Move remote for those games.

Prcko3857d ago

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user8586213857d ago

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VenomProject3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )



Yeah, the 3DS is going to pwn both Kinect and Move at the same time.