Gears of War Fan Gets Crazy Tattoo writes, "When you look at what qualifies being a "fan" of a video game series, there are multiple levels. You have your casual, your hardcore, and then your extreme. Today, we're bringing you what we would consider to be under the "extreme" label for the Gears of War series."

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BloodyNapkin3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Especially after the disappointing Gears2 and you still get the tattoo, beyond insane.

The Matrix3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Lol at the troll

catguykyou3475d ago

The multiplayer sucked initially but through patches it is 20x better now. The single player was better than the first. Except the lack of a final boss.

BloodyNapkin3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

"Lol at the troll". If you call someone voicing an opinion regardless of what anyone thinks. Then yes i am a troll.

The Matrix3475d ago

I call someone dissing a game that by no one's opinion could be disappointing when it eclipsed and exceeded the first one in every way possible a troll.

BloodyNapkin3475d ago

That is your opinion and you are entitiled to it. As i am entitile to my opinion and thought it was a terrible sequel that offered nothing but lag and a thrown together single player.

2Spock3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

Well thats good someone enjoys Gears that much, cause i couldnt even force myself to play more than 2 hours of Gears2. And dont get me started on the multiplayer....

Angainor73475d ago

lol at the troll indeed...

I_find_it_funny3475d ago

definition of an idiot needs another example

SixZeroFour3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

i call someone a troll when they voice their NEGATIVE opinion where the article is about the very thing they are negative about...i mean really, why go towards the very thing you dont like?

steps to avoid being called a troll on N4G
1. see an article
2. read title of article
3. (very important) if title is about something you dont like THEN PASS ON ARTICLE
4. (extra) if you couldnt resist and clicked anyways DONT COMMENT, 99.9% of the time, you wont have anything good or constructive about the matter anyways

whoever did the tattoo is very talented

3474d ago
BloodyNapkin3474d ago

I loved Gears 1, and i have 8 tattoo's. So the title said Gears fan gets crazy tattoo. So i wanted to see it. There shouldnt be any reason i need to explain to anyone why i wanted to look at the tattoo. But for some reason on N4G there is so many people that get feelings hurt so easy they think you should be quiet.

Sorry this is the real world and i will say what i want when i want along as it doesnt break any rules. Dont like what i say then ignore me. To real for some then ignore me. Cant handle the truth then ignore me.

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STREET x KING3475d ago

there's tons of people with gears tattoos, i have a few tattoos but none are game related but i do like how the gears crimson omen looks so maybe i'll get that on me.

Matthew943475d ago

urgh thats horrible, people are treating gaming like a religion instead of a hobby

awiseman3475d ago

ill bet if it was a tatoo of a helghast or nathan drake nobody would comlpain

BigKev453475d ago

I love me some Gears, but what an idiot.

Tikicobra3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

What if Gears 3 disappoints? What if it's buggy or broken or repetitive or dull? Then this guy will have the tattoo of the worst game in the series on his shoulder.

outwar60103475d ago

lol people enjoy the campaign to that game if anything fails it's going to be the online but doubt it

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