blipreview: Motionsports: Play for Real (Xbox 360/Kinect)

Amidst 2010 'pile of shame' catch-up, gamesblip writes: Just like Sunday arvo telly, we bring you sport, sport and more bloody sport. Hey, there’s a motion controller pointing at us, so we’ve gotsta be athletic, yeah? Rah!

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DelbertGrady3857d ago

Kinect Sports is the only good one of all the sports games.

strickers3856d ago

Sports Champions is the best Sports game.
One of my friends played Kinect Sports this weekend and he said it was fun but like for like was not good vs Move.Table Tennis was pathetic by comparison and hurdles had so much lag,he couldn't get the timing.He's an athletic guy,good at sports.

Bigpappy3856d ago

Kep! Kinect sports is the sports game to get. Rare did a great job with that game. Tennis is so good, Track and field is great multiplayer fun. In fact all the game on K-sports are fun to play. I play them all, but tennis, bowling, and boxing I play alone at the championship level. I need to move to the Kinect to the basement for the volleyball (I want to be more aggressive with my jumps).

Lord_Doggington3856d ago

i agree. it's pretty good (at least from what I've played at my friend's house)

strickers3856d ago

Fun to play?Nothing like accurate though.
My business partner was a county level Table Tennis player and guess which motion system replicates the sport?Guess which one is totally inaccurate?

tudors3856d ago

Kinect Sports exellent, Dance central exellent, Kinectimals not for me but great for the kids, Kinect adventures not very good but I need a full playtest, Motion Sports not very good at all, really poor response. Overall so far Kinect has been great for me.