Gears of War 3 Speculation

Cheat Code Central takes a look at what we know about the third game in the chainsaw-dueling series and discusses what there is to look forward to and what we'd like to see in this much anticipated game.

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likedamaster3860d ago

Nothing we didn't already know, but thanks for weighing in cheatcc.

The wait continues. November 2011 will be a fun filled month, though. Well, with games like Gears 3, TESV, ME3, & U3... what is there more to want? Oh, and the Rage game by iD for an early Christmas. Also, let's not forget the Gow3 multiplayer beta in the Bulletstorm retail.

NegativeCreepWA3860d ago

What is there more to want? Time and money.

Kalowest3860d ago

A good recap of everything about Gears3.