Silent Hill 8 titled Downpour; first details

Scrawl: Silent Hill 8, originally announced and trailered at E3 2010, has had a title change. The game, in development at Vatra Games and set to arrive later this year, has been officially titled Silent Hill: Downpour. The latest issue of Game Informer has a new preview on the title.

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FrankMcSpank3859d ago

Downpour? So I assume it's raining. I like the escaped prisoner theme. I hope this one really messes with my mind. The last few SH games weren't that great. But know this looks oldschool as hell just in HD pumps me up. The trailer was short but the gameplay looks great. Looks of classic Silent Hill fear and that fantasy japanese horror, like melting walls and passageways revealed by burning the floor away.

nskrishna23859d ago

It's not old school SH without the tank like controls...:)..

thereapersson3859d ago

The fact that we are on the EIGHTH installment of the series is bad enough, regardless of any discrepancies that happen, or any liberties that the developers take with the series.

TheDarkness3859d ago

Lmao @ the weird endings.

blakstarz3859d ago

kinda has a Alan Wake look and vibe to it, I hope its good.

- Ghost of Sparta -3859d ago ShowReplies(4)
DelbertGrady3859d ago

Alan Wake had more mood to it than Silent Hill has seen since part 2. And much better controls.

ps3destroyer3859d ago

Has an Alan Wake vibe and that's more than good to me.

femshep3859d ago

was worried for a little bit but now i want it

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The story is too old to be commented.