New 3DS trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer of the 3DS showing built-in software and tons more.

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boogeyman9993857d ago

God. damn. I will get one one of these but will be pissed if it's like 300 dollars.

SonyNGP3857d ago

It's most likely gonna be $250. If they literally just took the Japanese price, removed the first 2 digits on the right and changed the currency symbol for the consoles and handhelds that were released before (PSP, Wii, DS for example), I don't see why it would be different for the 3DS.

AWBrawler3856d ago

whatever the price, i'll love it and buy it

MintBerryCrunch3856d ago

they'll probably come out with different bundles as well as SKUs...i wouldnt be surprised to see a $300 tag in 2 months as Nintendo says