GameInformer: MLB 11 Features A New Road To The Show

Sports titles are packed with different game modes, but given their short development cycles, sometimes it takes developers years before they make major changes to the structure of a particular mode. If you're a big fan of the Road to the Show, this is your year. Rather than make a few subtle tweaks to its popular MLB career mode, Sony is giving it a major overhaul. The first big change applies to the player creator.

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Rainstorm813849d ago

One of the best sports games on the market that no one buys...... I think that speaks to the popularity of the sport

Baka-akaB3849d ago

Hell i wish sony did a "the show" soccer game to shake things up a bit for ea and konami

nevin13849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Yep, buying it again when it gets a price drop. I haven't been impressed with the series since the 1st one I got which was MLB The Show 07 for the PS2. Its a solid game but not for $59.99. I want a MVP Baseball for PS3 or I hope 2K steps up and fix the issues that prevent it from being good. Sports games this gen sucks. lol, late summer, II played the PS2 version of The Show 10 and ladies and gentleman its the same exact game as my PS3 version.

As far as Road To The Show goes, no intreast. I really find these modes that focus on one player in sports games kinda boring.

wu-stix3849d ago

With all the improvements to the game and move/3D support I am definitely picking this one up.

lelo2play3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

well.... they sure are milking the franchise. Does this game even sell enough copies to justify a release every year?

Since I'm no fan of baseball... this is certainly wasted talent. They could be doing other games.

Bnet3433849d ago

yes, in Japan in probabaly does. They love baseball more than anyone and won the world baseball classics twice already.

StuffRokz3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )


so they're wasting their time and talent because YOU don't like baseball? wow, you really have that 'I'm the center of the universe' attitude going... plenty of people love this series, so yes, it does sell enough copies to warrant a yearly release. especially considering the upgrades going into this particular installment.

so sorry every game developer doesn't cater to your unique taste. /s

lelo2play3848d ago

You do realize that most gamers don't give a sh*t about this game or baseball. So yes... it is wasted talent. This game is made simply because Sony is trying to sell more consoles in America.

StuffRokz3848d ago

Yes, because heaven forbid they make a great game based on one of the most popular American sports. If the game is made simply because Sony wants to sell consoles in America, then it's working because it's the main reason i got a PS3. Again, hardly wasted talent, considering it's the best baseball title available year after year. i would be more inclined to agree with you should the 2K series wildly surpass The Show at some point, but until then, i say keep them coming.

Father Murder X3849d ago

My favorite Ps3 title but it has hit the wall over the last couple of years. It has always been kind of glitchy. I agree with the price being too high. i wonder how well move support will be implemented. Interesting!!

MrKingofVideoGames3849d ago

Agreed. I have bought this series ever since it has been around and the changes have always been incremental each year. 09 to 10 was especially minute... By the way, why did they drop the "King of the Diamond" mini-games when the series went to PS3? One of the best "casual" game experiences gets dropped at the height of "casual" game fever?