US Getting Half of the World's PS3s?

Launch stock allocation brings more woe to European and Japanese would-be buyers. No matter what the price of the PlayStation 3 is, demand among the hardcore early-adopters is such that it will sell out regardless. What really matters, then, is how much stock Sony is going to have. Now it seems Europeans and Japanese have another concern.

Will half the PS3's sell out within minutes, or will shops be left with excess stock, read the full story for all the info on the PS3 stock allocation...

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jiggajayp5379d ago

I thought Fony`s Ken Kutaragi said that production would start in june and they would be making a million consoles a month up until launch???!!! Well, I guess,,,,, more Fony lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phytonadione5379d ago (Edited 5379d ago )

for me and my fellow yanks, bad news for the rest of the world.

The Snake5378d ago

If this is true, it may be a sign that Japan isn't as important as they used to be to the video game industry. That would be bad news for traditionally Japanese oriented gaming companies, but good news for Western gaming companies. Of course, all this is speculation on my part. The real reason is probably just supply and demand. The US has the most gamers, so therefore the US gets the most consoles. Either way, the shortage problem will most likely be more severe for Sony than it was for Microsoft due to the fact that the Playstation brand is currently more popular than the XBOX brand.