Weekly Sales Analysis, 1 January 2011 - End of the Holiday Season

"As the holiday season is winding down hardware and software sales are down significantly (-39% to -58%) week on week for every platform. After two straight weeks of 3 platforms selling over 1 million units, none are over the 1 million mark this week. The Wii and DS are over 700,000, the Xbox 360 is over 600,000, the PlayStation 3 is over 500,000 and the PSP is over 300,000. As for milestones this week the DS passes 145 million units sold to date, the Wii passes 84 million, the Xbox 360 passes 51 million and the PlayStation 3 passes 46 million. The top two games sold over 500,000, the top 17 sold over 200,000 and the top 35 sold over 100,000."

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MultiConsoleGamer3850d ago

Utterly fictional sales data.

tl:dr = its fake

kancerkid3850d ago

You understand the number are only estimates, don't you? VGchartz has never, and will never say the numbers are 100% accurate, because they are estimates. Understand this?

Narutone663850d ago

Well they tends to under estimate one console and over estimate another console. Why don't they just over estimate or under estimate all consoles?

DualConsoleOwner3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

idk. even their own members are confused.

Sony is bound by SEC regulations or possible law suits to report correctly. VGchart isnt.

their is your credibility. funny thing is Sony's number are about 2-3 millions higher than Vgchar's, but Vgchart refuses to change their numbers.

FailOverHero3849d ago

Sony's numbers? Mind sharing the link to those...please?

MultiConsoleGamer3849d ago

Estimates = Fake

Basically you just agreed with me.

Understand this? Yeah, I think you do.

Vhchartz and NeoGAF are the joke of the internet. Sales nerds have wasted their pathetic lives on a lie.

AAACE53849d ago

I don't respect VGChartz numbers but it seems like people only get mad when any numbers don't show that the Ps3 is dominating in sales!

These people need to go to some stores every now and then and look at the supplies on hand to see what's selling.

Even if the numbers are off, you don't truely know what consumers are buying or what they want!

Anon19743849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

"Sony's numbers? Mind sharing the link to those...please?"

Here you go. Here's the latest updates from both Sony and Microsoft. I believe the next updates are due end of Jan.

Greenberg himself said "LOL’ing at sales reports from VGChartz, why do people release info as official when there is no source or science behind the #s"

The official data from each company is the only numbers you can rely on. VGchartz is routinely 20-30% off when compared against NPD numbers or official data from each company. They're really all over the map, which isn't surprising considering their numbers allegedly come from just a couple of people who work in stores and the rest from calling other stores and trying to get them to reveal numbers. The rest is just guess work.

For a laugh, just google VGChartz founder ioi and neogaf and you'll see just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how long ioi's been trying to peddle his fake numbers.

And to the guy below who claims Microsoft widened the gap back to 5 million, I'd wait for official numbers before making claims like that. Leading up to the last official release, people were claiming the 360 was selling out everywhere, VGChartz was saying the 360 was outselling the PS3, NPD numbers showed the 360 far ahead. Then the actual data came out for the quarter the truth was the PS3 had crushed the 360 for that period, outselling the 360 by almost a million consoles for the quarter. My point is, wait for the official numbers before you start beating your chest about sales.

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Commander_TK3849d ago

Wasn't there a 3.5 million unit gap between the 360 and PS3?

Masterchef20073849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

I could do a better job estimating by pulling random numbers out of a hat. That is how wild their estimates are

DualConsoleOwner3849d ago

Gap was about 2 million, but not according to VGchartz.

they never acknowledge Sony's numbers.

Seferoth753849d ago

Sony fans are mostly grade school age. They havent learned about things like estimates. They cant comprehend that VG chartz numbers are for consoles sold to consumers(gamers) and Sony offers numbers for every PS3 created so far even if it is in a warehouse in Japan.

Sony fanboys like them have been trying to use false numbers for years to claim the PS3 is in second. VGchartz is just a constant reminder that they are lying so they attack it.

trust me if it wasnt for VGchartz these same kids who don't care about sales would have no problem touting fake ones as long as it showed PS3 in first.

They are fanboys and cant handle the truth.

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EasilyTheBest3850d ago

So the 360 has widened the gap back up to 5 million.
Kinect was the right way to go for Microsoft.

eagle213850d ago

Can't wait to see if that 145 million DS figure is confirmed from Nintendo....ps2 better watch out. :)

DJMarty3849d ago

Your comaparing a Handheld to a console, and PS2 is still selling. Bet PS2 is easily pushing 150mill.

Silly gameAr3849d ago

That's what I was thinking. That comment was a definite face palm. Made no sense whatsoever.

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eagle213849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

Well go tell Nintendo that.......where have you been? DS best selling console in US history reported by Nintendo Of America. First of all, it costs way more than ps2 at this point in ps2 life cycle so it's definitely a record. Face it... :)

I'll most definitely let each of you know when i facepalm to one of your comments. :)

Seferoth753849d ago

They need somthing to hold onto. LOL. Sadly they only have sales of a broken console Sony had to be sued into fixing.

Notice how DS has lots of games past 20 million
PS2 doesnt even have one.
COnsole was a complete POS that only sold so much because fanboys bought 4-5 in 5 years.

Hell with half the install base of PS2 Wii has 20 million sellers. That should tell you something about the actually number of working PS2 at any given point over the last 10 years.

pollocks3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

You guys are idiots, eagle and seferoth. You're really comparing a handheld to a fully fledged gaming console? Why not compare phones to the ps2 as well since they can play games. As for the PS2 being a "broken console.. a complete POS"
at least sony delivered on giving their consumers AAA hardcore games
Gran Turismo
God Of War
The DS will never reach the level of game quality (for the time) achieved by sony with the ps2

ChristianGamer3850d ago

Big x360 fan here, but even I don't believe Kinect sold another 800k units last week, come on no way. And as for selling over 7 million...uhm...I dunno man, seems excessive. But hey, I don't do any research so I don't have the real numbers so I'll bite.
Black Ops becomes X360's 3rd 10 million seller.
Kinect Adventures is now the 7th highest selling xbox 360 game
Halo Reach is at 7.5 million sales
The Top 10 highest selling games on the 360 have all passed the 6 million mark.

I don't care who you are, those are some impressive numbers.
Kinect Sports has sold more than Sports Champion even though SC released first and is in some cases bundled
and there are 3 Kinect titles in the top 20 vs 0 for Move
Um...when did Forza 3 overtake Uncharted 2? UC2 was ahead all this time, what happened?

MintBerryCrunch3850d ago

there is no mention of Uncharted >_>

NewMonday3849d ago

It's actually good news when casual games don’t sell high for the PS3 even if Move is selling great, it means it will be more focused on hardcore games.

But my heart sink every time I see Kinect games up the 360 charts, the more they sell the more MS will be committed to casual games.

Most people here argue about 360 vs. PS3, while the king is still Wii hardware and software by a large margin. MS want the Wii loving casual crowd, and they will just rely on 3rd party for the hardcore games.

MS publishing was the beast for the first 2 years of the 360, but it declined for the hardcore ever since "project Natal" was announced.

MajestieBeast3849d ago

Move along people nothing to see here.

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