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NegativeCreepWA3858d ago

Nice, looks like they fixed the one thing that really bugged me about Oblivion. Everything doesn't look new and shinny. Its more dark and gritty.

jriquelme_paraguay3858d ago

cant waittttttttttttttttt

gamer20103858d ago

Skyrim is going to be so fantastic. I can't wait either.

kancerkid3858d ago

Its 2010, are there not better scanners around? Does not anyone know how to scan a piece of paper?

DoomeDx3858d ago

@ Kancerkid.

its 2011!! :D

Consoldtobots3858d ago

you can't help but wonder if the scale of demon's souls and of course the DRAGONS in the game finally woke bethesda up to the fact that this is what oblivion was sorely lacking.

JohnnyBadfinger3858d ago

I cant believe you even mentioned Oblivion and Demon Souls in the same sentence.

Demon Souls was inspired by ElderScrolls... its just impossible to even compete with Oblivion though... it made the RPG genre what it is today...

I dont wanna hype myself up because i will disappoint myself, but i have huge hopes for this game.
As a gamer who hates anything magical and anything magic related... i make an exception with ElderScrolls.

And the fact its not a JRPG (*shudders*) i love it even more... Western RPGs will always be king of the RPG genre

jrbeerman113858d ago

Johnny Badfinger, sorry to tell you this, but even though demon souls wasn't as long or had as much dialog.... It is still better than Oblivion in many ways. Not saying its an outright better game, but combat and leveling are far superior and had way more "awesome" moments.

So don't dismiss it as nothing compared to Oblivion. Both have strengths and weaknesses and some people prefer one over the other. I think they can learn from each other no doubt, loved both of them.

INehalemEXI3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

@ JohnnyBadfinger

Wait a min , Demons Souls was the spiritual successor to Kings field which was released long before oblivion.

It's not like it was just a clone or something... Anyway 2 sweet rpg's are better then 1. They both do certain things well. No RPG does it all best.

NegativeCreepWA3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

The first Elder Scrolls and Kings field were both released in 1994 so you cant say either copied the other.

bakasora3858d ago

The game mechanics look like the same..

TehUltimateNewb3857d ago

@Kancer, thanks for those scans. Couldn't see crap on the actual site

Masterchef20073857d ago

thank you for the zip the site wasnt working properly for me

rockleex3857d ago

I hope the story quests have more variety this time around instead of just going from one Oblivion gate to the next... each one looking almost exactly the same as the previous one.

Oblivion had great gameplay, but it just needed better story direction.

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MAJ0R3858d ago

yeah I'm liking the new style, now we just have to see the game in motion to know if it has good animations

jriquelme_paraguay3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

sorry dude... i give you the disagree.
Press the wrong button.


EDIT: OMG, disagrees... i deserve it....

Dsnyder3858d ago

At least you admitted it. Unlike those phantoms who disagree with facts or subjective opinions. I give you a bubble for honesty.

Muffins12233858d ago

Look at brink,made by same people who use made this,it should be somthng like that

Bloodyghost3857d ago


Brink is being made by Splash Damage, Bethesda is publishing it.

The Elder Scrolls franchise is made by Bethesda Game Studios.

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FinalSpartan3858d ago

Looks nice :P Hope someone summarise all the details for us in the magazine lol yes i know lazy.

mattiebo1233858d ago

I picked up 1 thing from the scans about levelling up, and that is there will be perks like in Fallout 3. I think it also says that the level cap is 50.

Matthew943858d ago

^^^^^^^^^ this game will be dead on arrival if that is the case

jrbeerman113858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

How can you say that Matthew, Oblivion had the WORST leveling system in an RPG by far. having to repeat use abilities to level up, and even trying not to use specific ones in order to take advantage of leveling. I still remember pounding on the heal spell over and over again in towns just to level it up.

Whats so wrong about making the leveling system deeper and promote replayability. Unless you like making 1 sword fighter, 1 mage, and 1 archer and be done with game. (course that in oblivion is 300 plus hours lol)

STONEY43857d ago

"Even after level 50, players will be able to continue gaining new levels, but the process will be dramatically slow."

Yellow section, a bit hard to read, you can make out the words though.

There will also be some kind of weapon wheel for changing gear and magic which pauses the game, instead of the D-pad system that we're used to from Bethesda.

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Jamegohanssj53858d ago

Dragons? NOOOOO!

I am dead lol.


RedDragan3857d ago

lol... know what you mean. I can see the little suckers being a nightmare and then as for the main dragon, we'd have to be fully levelled up.


Jamegohanssj53857d ago

Wait, wtf? Main Dragon? If it's anything like the ones from Demon Souls, then I am seriously fucked.


callahan093858d ago

Amazing! Can't wait for this game. Oblivion is one of my all-time favorite games. I still go back often and play it. I've got about a dozen characters. So awesome.

CaptainPunch3858d ago

Agreed, the game looks more dark.

theonlylolking3858d ago

It also actually looks good! Unlike the other crappy oblivion IMO

Anderson83857d ago

i've never played an elder scrolls game but if this is anything like demon souls i'll pick it up

Obama3858d ago

Agreed and the characters and creatures don't have that deformed look. May be it is still too early to judge. Need to see some pictures of woman characters. They make me puke in 4.

Overall it looks a lot better than I thought it would. Call me interested.

kramun3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Hello interested.

INehalemEXI3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Looking good :D

Sevir043858d ago

Sorry i'm not a western RPG fan which is why i hated oblivion! I simply will be skipping this game! as i have no interest in it!!!

but for those of you who enjoy this more power to you!

huzzaahh3858d ago

You use lots of exclamation marks! Good for you for having a closed mind! Haha!

Sevir043857d ago

I'm close minded because i legitimately dislike the pace, the world and stories, class, leveling, and all facets of oblivion because growing up fantasy rpgs made by western developers never appealed to me! It's the same way i felt about demon's souls because while it may be Japanese, it's pacing and world just never appeal to me?

Sorry for having a difference in opinion. if anything it would make me narrow minded because i have different tastes, but even calling me that is a stretch because i have a reason! and it's legitimate! what you are is just a fanatic of your genre and simply cringe at the idea that someone else doesn't like your genre! What does that make you? A one sided moron? A fanboy? An over zealous douche!? Take your pick. I never insulted anyone for liking oblivion or western rpgs, just simply stated that my interest aren't in this genre of rpgs, and i never said they suck! But thanks for carrying on like an idiot, when people feel threatened about what they love so passionately defend it in the weirdest of ways. attacking those who don't share their views because they dont know how to accept that someone else doesn't enjoy what they like! Good for you!

Aloren3857d ago

Well, you shouldn't waste your time commenting on games you have no interest in.

If you don't like the genre, hated the previous instalment, and have no interest in the game, why do you even pay attention to these articles ?

Sevir043857d ago

The internet is no different! i'm not downing the game or trolling it, that's the difference!

Aloren3857d ago

Well, I'm not denying you your freedom of speech, I was just wondering.

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LastDance3858d ago

JohnnyBadfinger -

I love oblivion, but demons souls combat system is light-years ahead of oblivion.

You can assign what ever you want to either hand, each weapon class feels really different, the combat animations are fantastic, and they actually bothered to put in spears which bethesda obviously didnt.

far superior.

muffs923858d ago

Speaking of assigning stuff, I think in the article it says you can do just that in Skyrim.
Dual maces FTW

Hujlr1133857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Who knows “ZeniMax To Acquire Obsidian” are trues?

likedamaster3857d ago

I'm blown away. Everything looks so much more detailed and realistic. Consider me excited, can't wait.

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-Alpha3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

This can easily be my 2011 GOTY, I love myself a good fantasy RPG, especially the one set in the world of Oblivion.

Move support will be awesome too, hope they do that.

The world of Oblivion is also one of the most beautifully enriching game universes I've played in.

jriquelme_paraguay3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

mee too... im so sad because they never trophy patch the Oblivion for PS3

pero igual lo jugue... i played it :P

PLatinum on Fallout 3, Goty 100%, New Vegas im 50% now

Raf1k13858d ago

This and The Witcher 2. What more could an RPG guy want?

thrasherv33858d ago

Mass Effect 3 and then I'm set :)

jriquelme_paraguay3858d ago

for me, Mass Effect is about 70% Shooter, 30% RPG Flavor...

Elder Scrolls, i feel like a 100% RPG game... Fantasy. Dragons, Medieval... Knights, spells...

Raf1k13858d ago

Yeh I didn't mention Mass Effect because it's now more of a shooter with RPG elements rather than a shooter/RPG.

MagicAccent3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Funny you should say that, cause it sounds like you only played Oblivion. Otherwise you'd know the world was called Tamriel, and the "universe" is called "the Elder Scrolls".

And voilá! Just like that, you now have 2(maybe 3, if you're tenacious) new games, set in the very universe you love, to play until Skyrim comes out.

You're welcome :)

Raf1k13858d ago

I noticed that too. Not the kind of mistake you'd expect from Alpha-Male22. Still, I agree with him that the Elder Scrolls universe is pretty amazing.

-Alpha3858d ago (Edited 3858d ago )

Sorry, I meant the world of Elder Scrolls, I've gotten too used to calling ES "Oblivion". And yes I've only played Oblivion, thanks for the correction :)

I wish I had time for more RPGs! But I have two I need to get through for now

+Helpful Bubble :)

palaeomerus3858d ago

The material world in the Elder Scrolls Universe is called Nirn.

The spiritual worlds (usually ruled by Daedric Lords) are called Oblivion collectively.

The Empire and the continent it covers are called Tamriel. The nations of Tamriel each have a principle race or races that originally come from there and
(Elsweyr(Khahit), Blackmarsh(Argonian), ValenWood(Bosmer), Summerset Isle(Altmer, Imga), Morrowind(Dunmer/Chimer, formerly Dwemer), Skyrim(Nords, formerly Falmer), Hammerfell(Redguard), High Rock(Orsimer and Bretons), Cyrodil(Imperials, formerly Nedics and Ayleid) ).

Akavir is a neighboring continent where humans are extinct that is thought to resemble China and the orient. It has tiger people(Ka Po'Tun), some of who have turned themselves into dragons, vampiric serpent people(TSaesci), ice demons of Kamal, and monkey people(Tang Mo). The original dragons that lived there were wiped out by the sepent people.

Yokuda is the island/continent that the Redguard originally came from when they settled Hammerfell. It is believed to have sunk into the ocean or at least to have become uninhabitable.

Pyandonea is an island that is home to the Maormer or sea elves.

Almeris is the fabled continent that the elves (all of them including the orcs, who are legendarily thought to be elves that were mutated by a daedra lord named Boethiah who ate and rebirthed their ancestral patron Trinimac as a new daedric lord of outcasts called Malacath ) supposedly came from. It is also called Old Elofney.

Altmora/Aldmora (the elder wood) was the continent that the Nedes originally came from prior to their invasion of Skyrim. The Nedes were the ancestors of the Nords and indirectly the imperials and Bretons (who also have Altmer blood in them).

The Coral Kingdom of Thras is an island populated by slug-men called the Sload who once caused a horrific plague to ravage Tamriel.

DasTier3858d ago

LOL you intelligence raped the smart guy

Bigpappy3858d ago

Yep! Move and Kinect optional would be killer. You could play the whole game with Move and the Nav. I would only want Kinect for the magic at this point and do the moving and sword play with the controller. To long a game to do sword play with Kinect.

IcemanHH213857d ago

it COULD be 2011 GOTY, but it has tough competition and there is Uncharted 3 so, hard task.

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arjman3858d ago

Damn this game takes the graphics up to 11!

Hitman07693858d ago

yeah i'm amazingly happy to see ES 5 come to light and I'm super excited to buy and play it, but those screens were obviously rendered on studio quality PC's probably way beyond gaming rigs to begin with nvm consoles.

Don't trust graphics on screens, especially early screens, but nonetheless this is one of those games where the gameplay is so good who cares if the graphics don't EXACTLY match the screens.

OllieBoy3858d ago

Holy crap this looks ACE. New engine finally!

Still gonna grab this GI issue, scans aren't good enough...hehe.

Raf1k13858d ago

I don't think it's a completely knew engine though. I remember some text in one of the scans saying something about a 'redesigned engine' which is probably why it still looks somewhat like Oblivion but with higher res textures, better lighting etc.

BeOneWithTheGun3858d ago

Its a rebuilt engine but we are talking massive overhaul. Tailored for enhanced draw distances, better physics, and richer textures. This isnt a simple tune up and paint job its a rebuilt engine, header, suspension, new wheels and rims, new dash, gps, dvd, and high performance fuel.

muffs923858d ago

It is completely new.
Beth built the engine in house tailored specifically for their open world RPGs