It's Time To Stop Paying Tax On PlayStation Network Games (RunDLC)

Like thousands of fellow gamers, we regularly purchase content on the PlayStation Network for both PS3 and PSP. This means struggling with obnoxious download times, where a one-gigabyte file may take upwards of two hours to finish, but let’s face it. The online store has enough quality games to make this bearable.

What we can’t stand, though, is the tax that comes with every PSN download.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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Seijoru3849d ago

I don't pay tax at all. It depends on the state where DDs can be taxed. Also, the d/l times aren't really that slow especially if you use the ethernet cable.

MintBerryCrunch3849d ago

where does this guy live? i've never been taxed on my system

and im guessing he doesnt know how taxation works...Sony isnt profiting from this....

do people forget to whom taxes go?

jadenkorri3841d ago

It's all on what your doing. I pay for everything on my psn with my credit card, so every time I get taxed. I got a gift card for psn over christmas and used it to buy angry birds, no tax, So im assuming the taxes are paid in store with the gift card. But its rare that people are charged taxes on a gift card as the user would/might pay taxes again. But obviously not since i have 16.01 left.

WildArmed3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

I wasn't taxed for anything I bought when I was in Mn, USA.

Started getting taxed when I moved to IL, USA (ofc).

And as for d/l speeds?
I d/l 1gb of content within a 30mins tops.
Usually takes 10 mins thou.
(note: I use LAN and my speed tests show about ~30mbps d/l and 6 mbps upload)
It all depends on your ISP speed ultimately.
I don't think enough people understand that.

GarandShooter3849d ago

Seijoru, you are correct.

I think this occurred in my state, PA, due to SonyStyle stores opening here, as previously I paid no sales taxes on PSN purchases. Basically, if I internet order from a store that does not have a physical location in my state, no sales tax. If I internet order from a store that does have a physical location in my state, they are required by law to COLLECT sales tax.

I don't know of any MS or Nintendo retail stores in my state, hence the lack of a requirement to collect sales tax.

I am on FiOS and my download speeds are nowhere near as slow this article's writer is experiencing, and I use the PS3's WiFi.

Lekumkee3849d ago (Edited 3849d ago )

The taxes are charged by the state where this author lives, not Sony. I live in CA and I pay no taxes when buying PSN games.

LMAO @ this idiot, go back in your cave and find something else to whine about when it comes to sony. LOL! his state charges him tax on online digital transaction and he blames sony for it... what a tool.

RunDLC: "Message to Sony: please end the tax on PlayStation Network software."

Edit: Just retract the whole article the fact that he believed sony charges taxes should void this article and should be thrown in the "uninformed idiot rant" bin.

nsnsmj3849d ago

First off, regarding download speeds--it's not true for everyone as the editor states. For me downloads are very quick, even over wifi. Even faster with ethernet plugged in.

On tax, that's a different story. I live in Alabama. I have never been taxed when making online or PS store purchases. But for some reason, in either november or december, I started noticing Sony adding tax on my PS store purchases all of a sudden. Yet when I purchase something digitally or whatever from other online retailers, I am not taxed.

This leads me to believe that my state has not changed anything, but Sony has. That, or I've got this whole tax thing wrong, hehe.

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Focker4203849d ago

There are no taxes on any of my downloads. And 1 GB takes just under an hour.

AceofStaves3849d ago

In Canada, PSN purchases are taxed. And my d/l speeds are fine.

GarandShooter3849d ago

I believe you mean 6 percent.

UP3849d ago

you are only taxed if you use a credit card. But when you buy a card and use that to buy the games it is not taxed

GarandShooter3849d ago

Not true, I only use PSN cards for security reasons (one less exposure of credit card info) and PSN purchases have recently become taxed in my state, Pennsylvania.

It all has to do with the sales tax laws in the state in which the purchases are made.

UP3849d ago

That sucks not where I live.

GarandShooter3849d ago

That's cool. The government gets enough of our money already.

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