This Is Portal 2 Played With A Magnetic Motion Controller

Keyboard and mouse controls got you down? Yeah, didn't think so. But if millimeter precise motion control sounds like an interesting way to play Valve's first-person puzzler Portal 2, you might want to buy yourself a Razer Sixense.

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zootang3855d ago

So this could see Move support. It seems there is a lot of lag compared to Move?


PlayStation Move support is very likely. Also it have buttons which is something important.

It is not a final build, so they have a lot of time to improve and get rid of the lag.

ATi_Elite3855d ago

I disagree on the lag.

The game was being run on that laptop then the video was being reproduced to that big screen TV. Viewing the laptop only the movement on screen and his body movements seem very responsive with no lag. Watch the video cause he is looking at the laptop while playing.

That laptop from what I can tell (I may be wrong) is not a custom laptop therefore it doesn't have enough power to play a game and send out a second feed to the Big Screen TV with out some lag.

I could be wrong but that's just my opinion of the situation.

NicSage3855d ago

Hey Look it's the Move!!

Pandamobile3855d ago

Hey look! It's a Wiimote.

Kran3855d ago

Hey look! It's a Kinect.

Sorry. Had to be said to add to the collection of "Heys" :D

Ducky3855d ago

Farkin' Magnetic Motion Controllers, how do they work?

zootang3855d ago

Like a rubbish move.

Move has all this tech inside it already. Move also has a camera.

Pandamobile3855d ago

Move doesn't have a magnetic tracking field. It has the camera instead.

zootang3855d ago

Move does have a magnetic tracking field.

theafroman3855d ago

it's a shame they won't put move controls

DERKADER3855d ago

As cool as it look, it seems as though he's having a hard time actually trying to accomplish his objective of making a bridge. What I've noticed when trying to play non casual games with motion controls is that they don't give you same level of accuracy and precision that you get with an analog input that's not dependent on multiple sensor inputs to determine your actions.

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