Dead Rising Raises Capcom Prospects

Japanese analysts have noted the strong initial shipments of Capcom's Dead Rising for the Xbox 360, and believe that the game's performance is indicative of recent reforms at Capcom USA.

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silent ninja5384d ago

who would have known that dead rising would be this succeful

this is what happens when a japanese campny takes 360 for serious unlike some "cough" square enix "cough"

other japanese companies should follow in the foot steps of capcom and i guarenty that the xbox 360 image in japan would change

shotty5383d ago

Another AAA title. Good job capcom. Both Street fighter and Dead Rising sold really well on the xbox 360. Let's see how Lost Planet does.

The Snake5383d ago

I would be cool if they brought Devil May Cry 4 to the 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.