Why the Latest PS3 Crack Is Disastrous for Sony and for Gamers

Every school kid dreams of unlimited free videogames – it's the modern version of being locked in a sweet shop. But the triumphant proclamations of 'PS3 jailbroken' and 'Hacker claims PS3 is hacked for good' are potentially the worst news Sony fans could ever hear. So let's look at why this week in particular may be remembered in future years for all the wrong reasons.

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Dart893853d ago

" 'PS3 jailbroken' and 'Hacker claims PS3 is hacked for good' are potentially the worst news Sony fans could ever hear."

If that's true why don't i see emulators or burned games running on it?

ChristianGamer3853d ago

Because N4G candy coats the world for you and won't ever let news of that nature get approved.

Game-ur3853d ago

The only thing keeping the 360 relevant is online play; the same will be for the PS3.

Like many say game size is too big, high speed downloads are still not widespread enough to download 20 GB files easily and quickly.

Another thing is the most market lost will be those who buy used or rent anyway.

deadreckoning6663853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

@ChristianGamer- I don't think I've ever seen people on N4G try so hard to stop a piece of news from getting approved. The Sony idolatry here is just...WOW. The hardcore Sony fanatics are so deluded that they believe that this will be "disastrous"...when the reality is that 75% of the people who own PS3s aren't even saavy to take advantage of these hacks in the first place.

Once again, N4Gers erroneously believe that ALL PS3 owners visit sites like this one when the reality is that most PS3 owners won't even know this hack exists. And NO...Sony isn't dumb enough to solely concentrate on security rather than new features because they know if they do....they will alienate a good portion of gamers.

Ducky3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )


Depends where you live.

If it's NewZealand where your monthly bandwidth is capped at 15gb, then yea, it'll be difficult to download games.
If it's a college campus then ...

Retro_Zombie3853d ago

Was it disastrous for the Xbox and the Wii? What this will do is make developers focus more on rich online MP elements but hopefully not at the expense of SP. Maybe we'll see more MMOs as a result.

No this will be a positive for the PS3 because of the homebrew development that will breath new life and ideas to the platform.

The combination of superior graphics with amazing exclusives and the hombrew community makes the PS3 a triple threat.

JD_Shadow3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

I've been accused of being one of those that you mentioned (and by the way, I don't know why you seem to always go that route with your comments, and MS fanboys aren't any better), and I don't think this'll be disastrous. It all goes with how you perceive what this could be used for. ANYONE can use ANYTHING in a immoral way, no matter how moral it is intended to be. The thing is, is the good enough to outweigh the bad? I think so in this case. Sony should take advantage of this in some way instead of trying to kill it at every single turn (because continuing to kill it will only make the hackers try even harder).

HolyOrangeCows3853d ago

Riiiiiight, that's why 90 "PSTREE IS HAXED!" articles are approved on N4G daily, most with no new info.

If pirated games were playing on the Ps3, we would have seen 1000000 articles on it already.

DaTruth3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Dude, you guys have been trying to explain to us for 4 years why having 5 broken consoles isn't a bad thing!

And you think PS3 fanboys are loyalists!

How do your comments not get flagged as spam? *Scrolls up to flag his comment as spam*

They probably have just had enough of the "Sony is doomed" articles for the past 5 years!

pswi603853d ago

Let's see here:

2006 - PS3 is doomed; reason: Price
2007 - PS3 is doomed; reason: No Games
2008 - PS3 is doomed; reason: Xbox price cut
2009 - PS3 is doomed; reason: Project Natal
2010 - PS3 is doomed; reason: Hacked
2011 - PS3 is doomed; reason: ?????

I don't think the PS3 is going anywhere, but for some reason, on this site, n4g = the world, unless we are talking about Xbox 360 sales, and then, USA = world.


Kevin ButIer3852d ago

These articles are a headache

thesummerofgeorge3852d ago

2012 - PS3 is doomed; reason: The 2012 Apocalypse.

This giant monolith of doom will devour us all!

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M4ndat0ry_1nstall3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

All the other hacked consoles disagree with you. There is nothing special about Sony and the case of the PS3 other than having an 80% marketshare last generation to below 30% marketshare today. Besides Sony brought this on themselves by removing otherOS.

ApocalypseShadow3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago ) brought it on themselves....i mean really....

they took a $200 dollar hit on each console at the beginning.

they offered the best all around and powerful hardware.

they gave away features for free like photo mode,online play,web browsing,etc.

they allowed free themes,mods,game sharing,etc.

they spent more money making games than millions of dollars on marketing.

they made the hardware reliable and upgradeable like with 3D

give away free content for joining their discount service...

but sony brought it upon dare this greedy company do those thing for gamers.they should have charged for it all like microsoft did and told gamers to bend over.or abandon core gamers like nintendo did or how microsoft is doing now and has done over and over by abandoning the gamer....WOW....

Focker4203853d ago


People take alot of things for granted these days

fossilfern3853d ago

So what if Sonys market share has gone down? I've had my PS3 for nearly 3 years now and haven't had a single problem. The same cant be said for my 360 and im pretty sure if it wasn't for the arse wipe hacker guy (cant remember his name) then Sony wouldn't of removed other OS.

And also what Apocalypse said is true, Sony has offered more this generation than what they have previously and what the other competitors are offering in this generation.

BoNeSaW233853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

You sir just posted the comment to end all the Sony hating "They deserve it" I've thought about every single one of those reasons when people spew that shit about Sony. Well said.

ForNgoods3853d ago

Bubbles to you Apocalypse shadow. There wasn't one thing you said that i disagreed with. And the best part is, it's all facts and no BS.

irepbtown3853d ago

If i remember correctly,
everyone that has a Jailbroken PS3 is unable to go online. Sony somehow disables it for them.

Dont ask me any questions about it, all i remember last time on this subject was that you couldn't go Online if you Jailbroke your PS3.

This would mean all these great games for free, but no online. Not alot of people would want to lose online.

insomnium23853d ago

Great comment there apocalypse!

GigaGaia3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Only thing I take for granted is I don't need to import Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces F and Tales of Xillia anymore.

If Namco don't want to localise them, I guess they can go screw themselves now.

DigitalRaptor3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Well said, Apocalypse, Well said!

The sad thing is though, you will get called a Sony fanboy for mentioning all those facts, just because you're positive about the company you support.

I get it all the time. I post factual, consequential things about Microsoft and how they should be discussed rather than brushed under the carpet, but get labelled a Sony fanboy! And those issues are brushed under the carpet like they don't even matter to the gamers and industry.

Online play for games you have already bought for a console should be free, unless it's an MMO. I might have an Xbox 360 if I didn't have to worry about renewing my subscription every time I want to jump online with friends. That sort of thing is worth discussing rather than side-stepping these points.

Microsoft should invest in first party studios if they are serious about having a respectable place in this industry. If they did, they wouldn't have to worry about not having consistent unique exclusive content for their core consumers year on year, especially with most of their focus going to Kinect this year. That is another issue that should be discussed, but instead, it is brushed away in favour of calling the person who brings up the point a Sony fanboy.

SpinalRemains1383853d ago

I will add a simple thank you to you, Apocalypse.

Thank You

blahblah3851d ago (Edited 3851d ago )

first i'm avid gamer. own 118 (just counted) +3 now preordered ps3 games and never plan to pirate one single game and also own 3xps3 (1 broken). i also live from coding, so i can damn right respect other peoples work. i wonder how many you and author have.

- they took a $200 dollar hit on each console at the beginning.

and you are forgetting people like me payed 700eur for promises which were never delivered. i would buy ps3 anyway, just not first 2 years as there were almost no games. and i bought it because of linux promises. before spewing nonsense like that search for prerelease material about ps3 and watch how they were using linux option as holly grail. the second option that persuaded me to buy PS3 day 1 was PS2 compatibility (got 40-50 of those too), which went away with the flying pigs when bluray died on 60GB. if there were no games i'd still have interesting hardware to hack on and play ps2 games. and you can believe me, you wouldn't like to see my sad eyes when i finally put linux on ps3 and even ps2 compatibility was so, so.

so, if sony wouldn't lie, i wouldn't take 200eur hit, they wouldn't take 200$ hit. ffs, we'd both be happier. me with cheaper ps3 and more than sure same amount of games. now account for something else. in us sony might take 200$ hit. in europe they charged the same amount of euros as dollars in US. exchange rate is around 0.75, now calculate if we actually didn't payed so much they made profit on us

- they offered the best all around and powerful hardware.

so what? cell is nice toy, i admit i'm a fan of arhitecture, but still... best? best is very relative since it is not general purpose machine, but rather special purpose

- they gave away features for free like photo mode,online play,web browsing,etc.

lol, don't get me laugh.
photo mode??? wtf? i got better picture viewers on PC

online play? which has neither global communication settings nor preferred regional selection. i am from europe and i don't want to play with people from other side of the world. until they invent something 10x faster than optical cables, lag is simply too big

browser? HAAAAAAAAAA, you call that browser? speed is so slow it is damn sad, not to say anything about having most cumbersome controls ever. sorry, but browsing on PS3 is sad

- they allowed free themes,mods,game sharing,etc.

mods? in one or two games? and themes? LOOOL and sharing what?

- they spent more money making games than millions of dollars on marketing.

that one i give. games are awesome, best of all platforms

- they made the hardware reliable and upgradeable like with 3D

huh, upgradeable with 3d? you mean HDMI that supports it and sony tv you need to buy? and having enough processing power to render 2x30fps 720p?

- give away free content for joining their discount service...

yea, right... tell me about it. our country has no PSN. i have to fake it like i'm from UK. otherwise i get "no PSN service for your country"

now let us see. my home videos are in Theora or MKV. can i watch them? nope. every cd i buy i rip into ogg vorbis and put it safely in the closet. can i listen to them? nope. for me as multimedia machine it simply sucks. and homebrew might change the story where all my complaints disappear. i only need decent audio/video player which can connect to other network than crappy DLNA and i home free.

p.s. i also bought kinect and don't own 360, nor do i ever plan to own MS console. since it is supported on linux (by OSS, not MS), i'm very much interested into it

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MajestieBeast3853d ago

Otheros is the scapegoat these hackers use. Lets face it they hacked it caused they wanted to not because of the removal of other os, and for the removal they should thank Geohotz because he started using it to crack the ps3.

Ducky3853d ago

Jesus, I just wasted 5 minutes trying to figure out who this "otheros" guy is.

Sounds like a greek name... =/

DaTruth3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

LOL! I was thinking the exact same thing! Then I scrolled to your comment to read my own thoughts typed out by someone else!

Sounds like a guy from 300!

joeorc3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

100% agreement not only that

when you get hardware the software on the machine does not "belong to you"

take Heed:

when you turn your PS3 on an click accept you cannot claim ownership of such Hardware trying to Hack the software is :

Title I of the US DMCA, the WIPO Copyright and Performances and Phonograms Treaties Implementation Act has provisions that prevent persons from "circumvent[ing] a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work". Thus if a software manufacturer has some kind of software, dongle or password access device installed in the software any attempt to bypass such a copy protection scheme may be actionable

IE: you cannot claim "Consumer protection Law's"
as an Aegis to defend your self in the breaking of a Law.

NYC_Gamer3853d ago

ps3 was bound to get cracked like every other piece of hardware.

hot1113853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

Yeah,other systems have been piratable since like day one and nobody was crying about that.
But PS3 gets hacked,oh no sky is falling,so many insecure crybabies.

xCaptainAmazing3853d ago

I agree completely. How is this any different, really?

As for Hackers using the Other OS removal as a scapegoat, I probably agree with that as well. It's not like they need an excuse to do it though, christ. It's to cover their asses legally (what little it does anyways), and everyone should be aware of this.

Eamon3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

not really. The guys behind PSP CFW, 360 CFW, DS cartridges etc have all remained anonymous behind their aliases.

These guys are open about their identity and genuinely support homebew and linux on PS3.

joeorc3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )


it seems the normal response by many people on here is :

"well the xbox360 an the Nintendo Wii" has been hacked...stop.

just please stop right there. for one

any gamer I think would be trying to get these Hacker's off the systems you like to game on reguardless of system of choice!

it's not the fact that hacker's are playing with just your Hardware they are playing with everyones Hardware!

Look at what happens with the cheater's on XBOXLIVE than top that off game's get pirated and Developer's put less an less effort into new Ip's.

the problem is they are hacking the Software of these machines when the software does not belong to them. the reason of Software rights is so to protect their content creators, because if there was none than less an less people make the content.

that's like saying why make it if everyone will get my content for FREE or just outright steal it.

it's the fact that many people who support the PS3 are infact against it just as much as people that it seems to support such actions, the PSP is pure proof of Hacker concept in the fact that "UMD DUMPS" was one of the first thing's that was released and many hacked the system to get free games yes there is free Home brew but piracy far outstrips such action's.

I mean Sony is very Open to Home brew they always have been but you have to look at it within reason, Sony gave people the option to do homebrew not only with Linux but also JavaME. which the other two did not. an through Hackers Actions that has resulted in removing the capability if you want to keep those functions you had to enact a reduction of functions because the Hacker warranted the problem that Gave Sony no other recourse!

PS3n3603853d ago

Its different because no modchip or hardware mods are required. People will be able to buy counterfeit games that will be undetectable online as they will be digitally signed like the originals. Not too many people are willing to open up their consoles. It will be much more tempting to just pop in a disc bought at a flea market for $10 and play it. In places like mexico and china buying/selling virtually identical copies of games and movies is rampant.
This is the real potential disaster for PS3 and its games. It sucks. We may see a PS4 sooner than anticipated over this.

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