29 Years of Tron Games

GameBlurb writes, "Instead of making another full-blown review on just Tron Evolution, we decided that if only seemed fair to review all Tron games, just in case you either don’t know/understand the hoopla or maybe missed one and are thinking of backlogging."

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MicrocutsX23778d ago

Tron 2.0....ahhh the memories.

Kiroe3778d ago

Tron 2.0 was one of those games back in the day you used to show off what your gaming pc could do. Pixel shader 2.0 FTW!

Cajun Chicken3778d ago

Stunning game. Also a lot more inventive than Tron Legacy was.

gameseveryday3778d ago

Too bad the game never lived up to the reputation.

Bay3778d ago

I've never played any Tron game, let alone saw the Tron arcades back in the day :( Then again it was quite before my time, haha.

jaidek3778d ago

haha, it makes the people who remember seeing them in the arcades feel even older. :D

evildeli3778d ago

I've been playing Tron forever. Didn't realize it was 29 years though.

tigertron3778d ago

I've never played a Tron game either, but I did enjoy Tron Legacy at the cinema. That'll look good on Blu.