3DS: 10 launch titles, games pricier than DS - Report

Japanese site scoops Saturday Nintendo event?

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ABizzel13848d ago

I'll get one, just not at launch. I will never buy a launch console ever again. It's best to wait at least 1 year (ideally 2 years), because more than likely a price drop will spawn, and the console/handheld will have a nice library of games, and you'll be able to get the games at discounted prices since you'll be playing catch. At least that's my plan for the handhelds since a newer version typically comes out 2 years later.

christheredhead3848d ago

yah same here, im gonna buy the 3ds but not at launch. we all know how nintendo is with their handhelds. wait a year or 2 and we'll see the "3ds ultra" or something like that, with improved hardware and a better price point.

StarCSR3847d ago

That's also what I'm planning! I'm even considering doing this for the big consoles...

ABizzel13847d ago

I was to, but honestly it's harder for the consoles. I may be able to hold for a year depending on what comes out at launch and the res of the year, but I don't know how much longer.

eagle213848d ago

I hope everyone understands Japan pays 50 to even 80 US dollars for DS and PSP games. US prices will be totally different...

BYE3848d ago

That's insane. iPhone games are only like a dollar and the only thing they're lacking compared to DS and PSP are button controls.

Masterchef20073848d ago

thats nintendo for you. If they know that they can charge a lot and get away with it they will. All companies do this look at Microsoft with Kinect and its 150€ price tag.

Stealth20k3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

They are also lacking content, gameplay, and everything else

And the battery is just as good as the dsi which basically all these stupid people cant comprehend

on max settings the dsi was only good for 3-4 hours the dslite for 5-8 and the 3ds for 3-5

Rageanitus3848d ago

@ cheeky sorry to say this but ipod games are far from fully developed games you see on the psp and ds.

The thing with ipod games is the play time tends to be geared to ppl with very short spurts of gameplay. Im sure there is a larger budget for ds / psp games vs ipod games

lizard812883848d ago

Yes, i wish people would stop converting it like that. They pay way more for games than we do. thats about their normal price for DS games.

Golden Sun DS costs, when converted into USD=$54.90
are we paying $55 for golden Sun in America?! no, we are paying $34.99, so $35 give or take

Masterchef20073848d ago

i will only get one if they improve the battery life. Which will probably be with the next 3DSlite

jay23848d ago

Mines pre-ordered, but the battery live really is terrible, and with what we thought was coming out game wise, the release list is very bad. Resident evil M was ment to be 70% complete, N64 ports are a no-show at launch as well :(

DNAbro3848d ago

remember that's for the japanese launch. We will probably be getting different games. Hopefull ocarina of time makes it for us launch.

jay23848d ago

Yeah, but equaly don't forget the consoles only coming out a month tops, and I've got a feeling it'll be a lot less time, and Orarinas a Jap made game.