ShockWave: Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections "Greetings gamers and music fans alike. Welcome to ShockWave where we’ll be giving you the rundown on our favorite video game music and recommending you some excellent contributions. This month, we’ll be focusing on an album that I’m sure RPG fans can appreciate. Final Fantasy VII Piano Collections is a small collection of redone songs from the legendary video game Final Fantasy VII.

The album showcases the talents of Nobuo Uematsu, a renowned composer you’ll probably see a lot of as this series progresses. The songs on the album are rustic and emotional – a single instrument’s enormous potential when headed by true talent. The track listing is a bit short when considering that it is pulled from the absolutely massive Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack."

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iiprotocolii3858d ago

I'm a huge fan of the Final Fantasy music overall. Although VII did have a great soundtrack, I think that my favorite overall one of them all, however, has to be "The Road to Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X (opening piano theme). It had so much emotion imbued in it and is beautifully composed.

Chadness3858d ago

I wouldn't mind having this, but $40 is a bit too much to swallow.

I'm going to agree with iiprotocolii about FFX's piano theme being my all-time favorite FF-related track though. Just something about it...

JohnColaw3858d ago

FF games have always done the music right if nothing else.

Hitman07693858d ago

I have always loved the final fantasy music and it definitely merits recognition.

thevokillist3858d ago

I will have to check this out. I never knew about it actually. lol.