Is the Era of Nintendo Wii Leadership Coming to an End?‎

Microsoft shipped an astronomical 8 million Kinect game system units in the past two months, leading one Wall Street analyst to declare that Nintendo's dominance in video-game consoles is over.

Kinect, a motion-sensor system for Microsoft's (MSFT) Xbox 360 video game console, is just the latest challenge to Nintendo (NTDOY), which has seen its shipments stumble in 2010. During the first half of its fiscal year, Wii shipments fell nearly 14% to 4.97 million units. And some analysts expect that trend to continue through 2012.

"It's not like Nintendo is going to go broke anytime soon, but its days of dominance are over," Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter says.

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Titanz3851d ago

So I'm just saying...

N4g_null3850d ago

Actualy the report also says that the ps3 will reach 43% next year. It's mostly patched in the beginning claiming nintendo is going down. I'm wondering how many games ms will release for these shipments. Nintendo has a ton of games for it wiimote.

The last stock jockey says the xbox and ps3 are family entertainment hubs. So far the Wii has the best browser and netflix also. So I wonder what fanboy they are getting their info from?

matey3850d ago

Dominance means on top and with 360 having its 1st resonable year isnt going to knock Wii its so far ahead if it sold 5 million a year worldwide it would stay on top 4 the next 6 years and we all know it still sells around 20 million+ a year and talking of Kinect/Move sales means nothing as 95% are people who already own a 360 ect look at balance board/wiimotes/nunchucks/sell 100's of millions way more than them add-ons i think there are over 20 million balance boards and over a hundred million nunchucks/wiimotes/wiimotion+

PlayerX3850d ago

LOL. Please. Wii has yet to be outsold and is ahead of the 2nd place console(Xbox 360) by over 30 Million. See while people on N4G argue about Xbox doing well in America and PS3 doing well in Japan they seem to forget that Wii does the best in every country. Not to mention that the Wii just had record sales this month.

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