Interesting PlayStation Announcements Planned

SPOnG caught up earlier this week with the good people of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for a quick chat about all things PlayStation and we are pleased to let you know that the frustrating post-E3 wait for proper information on our PlayStation future is just about to end, with the first in a series of major announcements being made this coming Monday from Leipzig.

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Loudninja5382d ago

I bet it is some very good news :)

THE TRUTH5382d ago

Am very excited........ Could be anything I guess, but I am expecting offical news to pick up really heavy with-in the late Agu and Sept.

What a great time to be a gamer!!

nickworks5382d ago

Hope we´ll hear something like this: "Tilt controller with rumble functionality or new RSX with higher memory :-)"

zypher5382d ago

i'd much rather hear something like "PS3 $200 cheaper due to the disclussion of Blu-Ray."

Marriot VP5382d ago

zypher how do you expect Sony to have a fighting a chance if they don't screw their PS2 consumers by forcing a trogan horse format on top of them. Gosh you don't get it do you, lol. (sarcasm)

achira5382d ago

its unlikely that sony makes announcements before gc (perhaps only a bad rumour ?). i am a sony fan but ppl keep your hopes down, then you will not be disappointed. cant wait for my ps3.

Sphinx5382d ago

...Sony has already trained you to keep your hopes down. Don't you see?! "Don't expect much, but pay a lot!" seems to be Sony's catch phrase with the PS3. You're paying for the potential... like the stock market... but the stock market can make you money, the PS3 will let you play games- just like the 360, Wii, and DS Lite. I have nearly every console: NES, SNES, Game Gear, Gameboy, DS Lite, PS2 (2 of them), Dreamcast, N64, and my 360... 360 is most fun with the perfect online experience. Sony has the potential to get there, so wait until it reaches that potential.

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The story is too old to be commented.