360 sales double PS3 in US

The Nintendo Wii was the best-selling console in North America last month, while the Xbox 360 outsold PlayStation 3 by more than 2 to 1.

According to analysts the NPD Group, 403,600 Wii units were shifted during August. The figure for DS stood at 383,300. In third place was Xbox 360 after a $50 price cut boosted sales to 276,700

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HeartlesskizZ4988d ago

I think it will be like that for at least two more months until ps3 gets itself together.

InMyOpinion4988d ago

It's been trying to get itself together for almost a year now. Lots of promises, nothing changing.

Lucreto4988d ago

Doesn't help that Halo 3 is out in about 2 weeks.

bluebrad19744988d ago

the ps3 will finish in last place this gen.

nasim4988d ago

PS3 still beats the x360 10;1 in JAPAN and 3:1 in EU

ps3 still outsells the x360 by massive margins per month on a worldwide basis.

x360 is already dead

caffman4988d ago

Face it. 360 is outselling the PS3 in 2 out of 3 regions. And I suppose none of these people will be buying Halo 3 either.

Odion4988d ago

actually Nasim since you love to use VGchartz

look here

this is Europe for last week

Console Weekly Total
DS 165,011 16,311,211
Wii 91,201 3,261,185
360 40,409 3,473,682
PsP 39,258 7,971,445
Ps2 31,229 41,863,613
Ps3 27,382 1,408,526
GBA 3,785 19,519,288

and the week before that

Console Weekly Total
DS 170,472 16,146,200
Wii 98,484 3,169,984
360 46,981 3,433,273
PsP 42,193 7,932,187
Ps2 32,361 41,832,384
Ps3 27,665 1,381,144
GBA 4,003 19,515,503

and the week before that!

DS 179,470 15,975,728
Wii 105,143 3,071,500
360 51,993 3,386,292
PsP 44,921 7,889,994
Ps2 32,273 41,800,023
Ps3 27,990 1,353,479
GBA 4,100 19,511,500

Feihc Retsam4988d ago

Unfortunately, I don't see anything in the PS3s 2 month future that will make its numbers much better.
In two months, the Xbox360 will be in full HALO mode, and consoles WILL be moving.
I say this because I know of at least 3 people that were "waiting for Halo 3" before buying an Xbox360 becuase they've been playing Halo 2 on XBOX LIVE since it was released.

Halo 3 will move consoles- period

i Shank u4988d ago (Edited 4988d ago )

hahaha thank you man, you pwnd that little bizzle nasim ;)
does anyone else think he's ken kutargi?

Sangheili854988d ago

I think Nasin is a Troll from SonyLand. Unfortunately you cannot destroy him because (whispers) hes got the Cell and Bluray. We all know how mighty that is. The only way you can stop a SonyTroll is to put you're feet together then make a fist. Start tapping you're feet on the floor 3 times then when he looks at you're feet BEAT THE EVER LIVING CRAP OUT OF HIM!!!! GIVE HIM TO MUCH INFORMATION SO HE BOTTLENECKS AND DIES!!

The Brave 14987d ago

this guy bluebrad is an can u say that ps3 will finish last this gen.The console war is just beginning .your statements are way too premature!go post post somewh or go play some freaking vivapinata or something!Clown

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Venom_Blood4988d ago

I think 08 will tell which console failed or succeed.

HeartlesskizZ4988d ago

I agreed. the year 2008 will bring all the cards to the table and show no mercy with all those great games coming up.

DarkArcani4988d ago

Only in the US. Not bad for not having a lot of good games.

bluebrad19744988d ago

as long as 360 finishes ahead of the ps3 in the U.S. is all that matters to me. Simply because, that's where i live.

perseus4988d ago

Why do you care so much if the 360 "wins"?

This is the problem with 12-year-old schoolboys. They don't understand that games are what's important, not the size of a console's virtual penis.

bluebrad19744988d ago (Edited 4988d ago )

1. If the ps3 was in the lead. It would be the lead platform for multi-plats. Any non-sony gamer would suffer because of the ps3's inferior GAMING hardware. Just like they did with the ps2.

2. Console makers don't need to think it's OK to sell their console at a ludicrous pricepoint.

3. Sony isn't making gaming their primary focus (blu-ray movie format), and it shows. They need to be shown that that is unacceptable for a game console maker.

VaeVictus4988d ago (Edited 4988d ago )

Just goes to show how little you know. Only idiots want consoles to fail. The more competition the better for gamers. Stop being a fanboy tool. The PS3 has inferior hardware? Red lights of death?

I find it funny that people are disagreeing with my statement. More competition better for gamers is a bad thing?

bluebrad19744988d ago

The hardware in the ps3 is indeed inferior for gaming applications in comparison to the 360.

VaeVictus4988d ago

B/c you say so? You should probably support your OPINION a little better than that. Both sides have had numerous developers and publishers speak out in favor of one consoles performance/strength/whatever over the other. Most importantly, is that I have fun on both, and I do. Being a fanboy is nothing short of stupid. I own and like both. I only wish I didn't have to keep sending my 360 back. So when someone says inferior hardware on the PS3, I have to scoff a little bit, regardless of what inference they are making.

My console death tally

I have 8 games on my PS3, 8 on my 360. They both get virtually the same amount of playing time. Oh, and while I'm playing my 360, my PS3 is folding.

bluebrad19744988d ago

Not because I say so, but because it's been proven time and time again in multi-plats, developer interviews, and the fact that I've seen it with my own two eyes.

VaeVictus4988d ago

Sigh, you fail miserably. You wear red ringed colored glasses. Madden 08 runs better on the 360. EA says, we have more experience on the 360...makes sense. Oblivion on the other hand runs better on the PS3. You're going to see some games run better on other systems. Developers have as much to do with the quality of a game (1st party and 3rd party alike) as does the hardware.

Snukadaman4988d ago

some very valid points about sony thinking of blu-ray before gaming...look at their recent "AAA" titles and you see sonys more in tune with being the next dvd format then true.

WoundedMoon4988d ago

Consider the cost of upgrading to a 120 GB hard drive on either system, and you will see that M$ also has their agenda. You must by the special HDD from M$. Or you could buy the same thing for half or less elsewhere, except that "elsewhere" dosn't put the $ in M$, and thus "elsewhere" suffers from "compatability" issues.

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Megaton4988d ago

That's what a price cut and millions of dollars in Halo 3 hype will get you.