How I learned to stop worrying and love Microsoft's Kinect

As Microsoft’s Kinect sells its 8 millionth unit, Den of Geek's Ryan Lambie finally overcomes his inhibitions and has a go...

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ChristianGamer2846d ago

Come out of that closet people. Lol kinect has sold in 2 months 8/10's of what Eyetoy sold in its lifetime even with 3 times more install base

DualConsoleOwner2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

MS uses tactic to trick stockholders. they even almost got sued couple years back.

so lets get this shit straight. its shipped not sold.
actual sale is prob around 5 million

and idk wut sales has to do with gaming. Wii has tons of sales and still crappy games. Xbox360 is new wii.

Belasco2846d ago

8 million is accurate, and for fucks sake stop with the ship vs sold argument, its tired.

testerg352846d ago

Umm.. Didn't Sony also report shipped on Move?

evilunklebud2846d ago

Share holders should check N4G for advice then, if MS is so tricky....

Had a blast at a New Years Eve party the the Kinect.... 12 semi-drunk adults playing Sports....

k-Lan2846d ago

DualConsoleOwner is mad.

DualConsoleOwner2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Its shipped and not sold to consumers.

try harder.

instead of using word shipped, MS likes to use word "sold" as "sold to retailers"

this is so sad that after all this fanboys are still denying.


yes they Sony and MS both report shipped.

Like many other companys, sony uses word "Shipped" on purpose to avoid confusion.

However, MS uses word "Sold" to create confusion that it is somehow sold to consumers when in fact its shipped number.

Stockholders found about this for MS while back.

doG_beLIEfs2846d ago

Let me explain the difference between SHIPPED to retailers and SOLD to retailers.

MS uses SHIPPED to retailers. SHIPPED to retailers means that MS does NOT GET PAID until the item is SOLD to a customer. This is why they can "channel stuff" millions of extra product and why they "channel stuffed 5 million 360's just so they could say they "sold" 10 million 360's in the 1st year...which is also why they did not SHIP ONE SINGLE CONSOLE the following quarter.

Sony uses SOLD to retailers. SOLD means that the retailer requested the product and PAID Sony for the product, the retailer is not going to pay for millions of extra product just so that it sits on store shelves. This is why it is so hard to find a stand alone Move controller and why it is no problem finding stand alone Kinect cameras.

Hope this clears it up.

MmaFanQc2846d ago

i stopped to care about kinect only 3-4 days of using it, im bored the fuck out with dance central(aka THE best kinect game) and i also tried most of the game available right now for it.

its cool for 4 days then it felt flat, now its collecting dust with my wii

Danteh2846d ago

...or how a nerd finally understood that making a fool of oneself is actually fun sometimes

Pixel_Enemy2846d ago

Why even argue about sales when there's no good games for it to begin with. I will buy one when MS gives me a reason to. No reason yet

baodeus2845d ago

You got to be kidding about MS used shipped to trick stockholders. Stockholders only care about how much it shipped (because it is consider sold to retailers). It also indirectly gave u a good estimate of the buying trend. If people aren't buying it, retailers wouldn't have to purchase so many units. Same with Sony. Both report shipped numbers why?

1. It will show the highest amount of unit sold. Why would they report sold to customers (which stockholder don't look at) for w/ lower units counts? Would that look good for stockholder?
2. Shipped numbers is a legit claim and that is also what stockholder are looking at because like i said, you can indirectly figure out a trend from it.

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Boody-Bandit2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Yeah CG because we all know Sony had 500 million dollar advertising campaigns, Oprah, Ellen, Beeber and every tv, radio, event and billboard cover press for the Eye Toy the way MS did for Kinect.

I am a hardcore 360 gamer. I game on it every single day. I don't have one person on my friends list with Kinect, not one. Yeah we (the core 360 gamer) are all so proud of MS sinking over a billion dollars into a device that doesn't cater to us. Outside of this extremely small little niche that is N4G, nobody gives a sh!t about Kinect except MS stock holders (once it recoups it's investment), little kids, soccer moms and the elderly. The only thing I see members of N4G talking about with Kinect is it's sales, not it's games. <- That in itself tells me all I need to know.

We have two hardcore exclusives that we know of for the core audince this year and they wont be out till the end of this year. Face it people. MS is doing the same thing this generation that they did last gen. They are saying FU and moving on in a different direction. The only thing we will have to look forward to for the most part is multiplat titles and the same old top four exclusives that have become the norm from them for a while now. Halo, Gears, Fable and Forza.

Edit: Disagrees without responses taste like chocolate to me. Then again I don't expect one childish sales over games, non gaming N4G loiterer to have anything of value to rebut what I wrote because it's the truth.

Convas2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Damn right Brutal. Damn right. One of the main reasons I'm switching over to the PS3 as my main console. I've been observing for many months now that MS is moving in a direction that bespeaks abandonment.

This was worrying to me a year ago, but now, I have come to terms with the truth. Of the Big 2 HD Consoles, Sony is the only one FULLY concentrated on catering totally to the Core base. MS has, as I've said before, lost the plot.

Anybody who disagrees with that is clearly blind. They've thrown us, the faithful core gamers that BUILT up the Xbox brand, underneath the proverbial bus, and driven and reversed over us MANY times.

As you said, next year, we have 2 confirmed Hardcore titles. Forza 4 and Gears of War 3. MS keeps pumping out the same franchises over and over, and when they DO take a risk with a new IP (Alan Wake), it is under-advertised. I mourn for my first HD console and I have become very doubtful that we will even see a 3rd iteration of the Xbox.

theIMP2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

@ Clizzz

"MS keeps pumping out the same franchises over and over"
infamous 2
Twistede metal
Sony are you saying Sony doesn't do the same thing?

Edit: I also think it's silly you think you have to "switch" to one console or the other. Why can't you just have both. I also don’t see why everyone on this site think exclusives are the only games made. There will be plenty to plat on the both platforms all year long.

Biggest2846d ago

Nice list, theIMP. It's twice as long as the list for hardcore exclusive games for the 360. I know you're trying to show that Sony is doing the same thing as Microsoft, but you messed up.

theIMP2846d ago

Hey Biggest, how exactly did I mess up? Clizzz said MS keeps putting out the same franchises, and I said Sony does the same thing and listed examples to back up my claim. I said nothing about the amount of games either company puts out. I in no way, shape, form, or fashion said, or meant, anything else. So if you don't mind, could you please clarify exactly how you feel I messed up.
Once again I have to ask, why do ya’ll act like all the other AAA, bad ass, much anticipated 3rd party games do not exists? I know mutiplats aren’t going to sway anyone to choose one console or the other, but if you already have a 360, and even if you only have a 360, there are going to be a ton of games for that, and all the other platforms this year. To say otherwise is ridiculous.
I also, just to make sure I am perfectly clear, am NOT saying that the 360 lineup is even anywhere close to what Sony has in store this year. You would have to be a delusional fanboy to say Sony’s lineup is not killing MS’s this year, but to say 360 has nothing for the core gamer to play this year is just as delusional.

HungPHATx2846d ago

Sold my Casual 360 system yesterday and never looking back ! Been on
My PS3 95% of the time for the last 2 years hoping MS would wow me , but they didn't ! They showed me there colors as I thought they would

Boody-Bandit2846d ago

Hung I still can't believe you dropped your 360. I mean I know you literally sold it but knowing how much you dig Gears I am suprised you did.

Forza 4 is the only game I am looking forward to on the 360 this year. Other than that I will be joining you on my PS3 a lot more from here on out. That is if my 3D display ever freaking gets here. I am about to call and cancel the order. I'm tired of waiting for the truck to pull up to my door.

Convas2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )


I never said there was anything wrong with continuing to do the franchises that people like and support with their gaming dollar. I'm a faithful Halo Fan, and I enjoy Gears and Forza, and I've recently become a devotee to Fable.

I'm saying that MS' current attitude is to keep putting out the tried and true (Fable, Halo, Gears, Forza) and not really take all that many risks with NEW IPs besides Alan Wake (Which MS did very little to market and I'm desperately hoping for a sequel) and the unknown Codename: Kingdoms.

But then again, they really can't do all that much more as they've tasked just about all the 5 or so first party studios they have with WORKING ON KINECT STUFF.

I'm not saying Sony is Savior like the other mentally retarded nooblets on this site. I'm saying they have their collective corporate heads in the right place.

k-Lan2846d ago

@ Clizzz, Brutal & Biggest.

What if MS was simply waiting to annouce a bunch of games to keep the focus on getting Kinect in peoples homes? You don't spend millions on something and then take the focus off of it by announcing AAA exclusive games. It's hard to understand for the simple minds, i know.

Who's been talking about Move? NOBODY! You kids prefer Sony annouce a bunch of games to not only distract the consumers focus off of Move but also for most of those games to be delayed over and over again.

IMO Sony is showing a lack of confidence towards their motion control compared to the competition. No surprise really as it's simply a better version of what the Wii offers.

Have a nice day flip floppers. I'll be enjoying both consoles. To be honest, if you guys need that many games to play in a year, i would suggest looking in the mirror and asking yourself where your life's gone, if you had one to begin with.

Later dudes!

N4WAH2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

k-Lan is a multiple account troll so just mark his responses as spam and hopefully a non clueless moderator will pick up on that and ban his lame ass.

Taking one of his most likely several accounts away.

On topic:
Brutal, I hear where you are coming from and all I can do is hope you're wrong but I doubt you are.

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jack_burt0n2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

damn article title is like propaganda, you might as well go to a scientology seminar.

after the tv adverts MS will probably start air dropping leaflets, saying "you need the kinect, it will change ur life, u are the controler".

Silly Mammo2846d ago

"air dropping leaflets" That's actually a pretty funny image.

Bubbles to you

VINNIEPAZ2846d ago

I really wish more people would give Kinect a chance, it really is fun and pretty (not 100% though) accurate. One thing I noticed is when me and my girl are playing Kinect Adventures or Kinect Sports and they show the pics of you playing afterwords we always have a smile on out faces. Really FUN gaming. Just stay away from "Motionsports" that game is godawful bad, if all games played like that I can see kinect getting a bad rep, but Ubisoft f*cked up on that game bad.

theIMP2846d ago

I know right. The games themselves aren't that bad, but the interface is a mess. I was kind of impressed how accurate the Table Pong game was.

Biggest2846d ago

I don't pay $150 to be kind of impressed for a few days. Especially when I can pay less and know I'll have complete 1:1 motion and top-of-class accuracy. But that may just be me. I don't need to own something to know how not worth it the thing is.

SpinalRemains1382846d ago

And while you continue to deep throat stock reports, the PS3 is still vastly superior to anything Microsoft has come up with. I'm sorry, but Uncharted 1 is lightyears ahead of petting a baby tiger.

You're paying for your internet twice, you face RROD issues, and you need a large area to play Kinect. Fail.

VINNIEPAZ2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

"And while you continue to deep throat stock reports, the PS3 is still vastly superior to anything Microsoft has come up with. I'm sorry, but Uncharted 1 is lightyears ahead of petting a baby tiger.

You're paying for your internet twice, you face RROD issues, and you need a large area to play Kinect. Fail."

True definition of an idiot fanboy.

1 - You just compared games from 2 TOTALLY different genres that are going for two TOTALLY different age groups. You have truly got to be mega retarded to make that comparison. Oh wait you ARE a fanboy...

2 - I'll admit my 1st gen system died. But since then I've owned 3 Xbox 360s and no RROD for me. (Not saying its 100% cured mind you)

3 - Paying for internet twice? WTF? Are you saying just because something is internet based and you pay for internet, the service should be free? Did I hear you correct? So Sony shouldn't be charging for PS Plus then right? How about Hulu and netflicks, I mean I pay for internet so their streaming service should just be free right?

Man I tell you, ain't nothing like fanboy "logic"

@BIGGEST Here we go with more fanboy "logic"

1 - Did you miss the part were both PS Plus and Xbox LIVE are BOTH SERVICES? Yes they offer DIFFERENT SERVICE but they are both services that use the internet, which the point was just because you pay for internet doesn't mean everything internet based is free. Gesh, is it that hard to get? I wasn't talking about that service does what (fanboy flame-bait), so stop that.

2 - "Did you hear of some hidden hardcore games coming out for the 360" I'm saying hes bringing hardcore titles into a Kinect discussion. Why not compare it to Gears or Alan Wake? Even if you feel UC1 is better than those 2 games it makes more sense.

Here is the bottom line, if you don't like something then GTFO of the topics. If you clicked here to rant then you must be so unhappy with the competition you HAVE to respond, so you must not be happy to begin with. Insecure much? You just make yourself look sad jumping in shouting, "OMGz TEH UNCHATETz Iz TEH BEzTZ GAMEZ!!1!! BlurayZZZZ!!! FreEZ InTERWeBZ!!"

Biggest2846d ago

Did I miss the part where Playstation Plus was a pay-to-play-online service? I thought you paid for the service and got a bunch of "free" games and discounts. I could see if Playstation Plus was like Xbox Live in that you could not do ANYTHING online with your games that you already own unless you paid for it. Then VINNIEPAZ might have a point. But he doesn't because it doesn't. And since I'm on his comment. . . It's easy to compare Uncharted to Kinectimals. Did you hear of some hidden hardcore games coming out for the 360? Pretty soon the only comparisons with be between The Last Guardian and Kinect Air Hockey Party.

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ActionBastard2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

The device is in more of the press than its games. That's a problem for me. Every other console would have been railroaded, yet this gets a pass.

EDIT: I'd babble more, but you'd be left out the conversation, so I'll just edit. And it is quite fucking sad the "railroaded" comment made no sense to you, what are you 14-17yrs old?

Belasco2846d ago

Gets a pass? What are you even babbling about? Railroaded? Is this a social studies class or a gaming website?

thats_just_prime2846d ago

whats sad is your writing skills. Maybe your writing skills are just a reflection of your IQ problems. You dont have a complete thouhgt anywhere in your post. Its like you started to think of something and forgot or it just fizzled out.

ActionBastard2846d ago

Don't speak of writing skills with missing punctuation and misspelled 2nd grade words.

thats_just_prime2846d ago

Ok fair enough lets have a lil chat about your IQ or should I say your lack there of ?

Here's a lil something to keep you busy for the rest of day

1+1 = what ? if its to hard give google a try

ActionBastard2845d ago (Edited 2845d ago )

That was really the best you could come up with? After get owned on writing skills, you're grasping at IQ? And used 1+1 to do it?!? LOL! You are the King of the Tards my friend. Have you even taken an IQ test before? Do you know what IQ means? I can't believe someone willingly birthed you.

And it's "too hard", not "to hard" dipshit.

swat2846d ago

wow u really have to go Elementary school again old man

BXbomber2846d ago

I tried kinect and honestly I don't get it.....But I tried the move and I fell in luv with it. Reminds me of my girls wii but more precise, I'ma buy one later this month.

nygamer282846d ago

some people like it some people dont,simple

branchedout2846d ago

A bubble for the most intelligent comment on this article.

2846d ago
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