The five must-play Sci Fi RPG's of 2011

Raiding Party: "Here we swap dirty great swords and dragons for dirty great laser rifles and unspeakable space creatures as we look at the five finest Sci Fi RPGs that are set to arrive over the next 12 months."

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MagicAccent3850d ago

There's gonna be more than five Sci-fi Rpgs 2011? Hell, I'll play them too :P

kharma453850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

Where is Mass Effect 3?

I am disappoint. :(

Kran3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

I was kinda expecting it too. ME2 is on there, but no ME3 :(

(To those who have seen my previous comments weeks ago dissing ME2... i like it now. OK? Im very sorry. :D)

@deathstroke its still science fiction...

Its like you're saying Star Trek isnt science fiction just because theres action sequences. :/ See how silly you sound? You're obviously me from the past. Hating Mass Effect)

Deathstroke3850d ago

The Mass Effect games are Action/Adventure, not RPG. Just because they have weak dialogue trees doesn't make it a RPG. Much like having guns doesn't make it a shooter (even though the gameplay mostly is just shooting crap and watching in-game cutscenes. It's more like a bad movie than a game).

hazelamy3850d ago

i think the rpg elements in mass effect come in levelling your character and choosing what powers and skills they have, the dialogue trees aren't really an rpg game mechanic

Kran3850d ago


I cant wait for it....

but has it even got a release date yet? I mean I bet it'll be delayed another year (most likely)

But I would love to be proven wrong. TOR is going to rock!

DJKGBYF3850d ago

I think it's still set for Q2/Q3 2011.

ironfist923850d ago

Lol...runescape. Ah the memories, might just give Stellar Dawn a shot on nostalgia alone.

Arup023850d ago

No Mass Effect 3 = Crappy list.

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