Nyko redesigns its Xbox 360 Intercooler

One of gaming accessory maker Nyko's more popular peripherals for the Xbox 360 is its Intercooler, which keeps Microsoft's gaming system from getting too warm inside. Revealed on Thursday at the 2011 CES is the device's latest redesign, dubbed the Intercooler STS.

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Tinasumsum3857d ago

I rather let my 360 slim red dot of death then putting that nasty looking thing on my console.

dragunrising3857d ago

It looks hideous. Nyko Intercooler is a scam product that only blocks vents that should be open on the 360. Arguably its responsible for a good number of older 360's dying in the first place. The 360 S has an auto off feature to keep it from overheating in the first place. If you want a 360 that doesn't get hot at all, its better to mod it with a liquid cooling system. Some of the mods at least look nice.

Tuxmask553857d ago

I dunno about that. I have the previous model Intercooler on mine and it's all good.

dragunrising3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )


I also had an Intercooler on an older 360. One day I was playing when I started to smell plastic burning. Around the base of the Intercooler was melted plastic. I don't know if that has something to do with the design, or a product flaw with the plastic, but I stopped using it afterwards. I should note, that it was attached to a launch 360, but nonetheless I was put off buying future revisions based on product feedback.

The first generation models were horrible. The Amazon reviews are pretty revealing. Look for the 2006 model, the very first design.

Thats not to say future revisions aren't improved, however its a hard call to make if you want to risk your 360's warranty if these prove to be faulty.

I don't worry about keeping my 360 S cool considering the redesign however for those that are paranoid or have older 360's there are better options. The Antec USB Powered Notebook Cooler is pretty good and what I've used for years. Plus, its cheap at about $20 usd.

lucifon3857d ago

@Blindfromthesun - the reason for it is because it actually draws power directly from where the 360 is getting it's power from too. If it was USB the 360 could regulate it, but it was designed to steal power as it went into the 360. This caused the melting issues and was extremely dangerous to the 360.

I'm assuming they've fixed this now. Still the new 360's are perfectly cool, this is totally pointless!

AAACE53856d ago

Why do I see that and hear that guy in that old commercial say, "Hey, that thang got a hemi in it?"

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Tinasumsum3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I agree with you. I was basically saying I would rather let the console die, just being playful with my opinion. I said Red Dot because the 360 quad lights don't turn red. The center light only changes color. I heard these things kill console too. What a waste of money though, the new 360's don't overheat but do have a safety feature like you said.

Arup023857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

I like to play games, not stare at my console. Would you sacrifice a better experience just because of the looks? meh.

Tuxmask553857d ago


Mine's a second-generation intercooler on a pre-slim but not that old 360. I'll keep an eye (or nose) out for melted plastic, though.

Rob Hornecker3857d ago

Blindfromethesun: Ah you must live in Florida!

I think you have the right idea. I use a laptop fan system on my slim and it works VERY well at keeping my 360 slim cool. I would like to take your idea a step further... I took some 2X2's and cut them to the size of the fan and lifted it (the fan) and 360 a bit to help increase the air flow even more.

I have used the interact fan set ups on previous 360's and never had any problems,but after looking around on the net,I found what was out there for cooling fans for the slim was limited. One looked alot like a laptop fan on legs,but it was about $40.00!

I paid $10.00 for the laptop fan at Target and the 2X2's I got for FREE from a scrap wood pile. The bottom line is for what I paid for my cooling set up,it WORKS!

BTW,This new one from Interact looks alot like the "Shaker" hood scoop thats on my 2003 Mustang Mach1....Strange!

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C L O U D3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Console version of a ricer.

Tinasumsum3857d ago

Exaggeration came to mind for me as well.

awi59513857d ago

It looks alien i like it lol.

Tinasumsum3857d ago

Like a alien growth. That console in the pic needs to be checked out. The grill vent looks off some how maybe the front trim is too thick or something.

BLACKBOIJONES3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Correct me if im wrong but is this going to b for sell to help ur x box from over heating?

If its gonna b foor sell what a F"""ING rip off.How can u sell ur consumer something that will stop ur game for over heating when u should have designed the console well in the first place. MS should give this out free for people who claim to have there 360 rrod with proof

SactoGamer3857d ago

Yes, it's supposed to make the xbox overheating less likely.

BLACKBOIJONES3857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

Tnks...I think its wrong that is going for sell. Thats just like u selling a car to some one and u knw the car will give u problems so the company makes a soloution for the problem but tells u u have to buy the soloution.I think its monopoly at is finest, a way for ms to get extra cash.

@etownone Y call me an idiot.Im sure ur just one of those pre teens going throw puberty that cant make a mature rply. :/

etownone3857d ago

take it down blackboy ..

its a 3rd party accessory to sucker in idiots like you that assume the 360S needs it.

The the new 360 doesnt need.
No need for anyone to buy it.

littletad3857d ago

Couldn't agree more.It's like all those useless Nintendo Wii third-party peripherals.

Spenok3857d ago

Nyko is making this....not Microsoft.

electricshadow3857d ago

Great, now I want to watch Tokyo Drift.

SactoGamer3857d ago

I still haven't seen that.

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