Why Rockstar Games Should Acquire Team Bondi posts an opinion piece on why they believe Rockstar Games should acquire Team Bondi.

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stylez843752d ago

I think it would be a smart move. Their facial capture technology alone would be worth acquiring them for. Even though they didn't really invent the technology they've likely spent countless man-hours developing the tools required to make it work for video games.

IllusionRSN3752d ago

Team Bondi would make a great addition to the Rockstar family.

guitarded773752d ago

I thought Take 2 owned Rockstar.

stylez843752d ago

@guitarded77 They are owned by Take-Two but they've still acquired studios in the past.

Gitaroo3752d ago

I believe all their facial capture stuffs is actually being done by a external company. Someone posted on neogaf.

Jack Meahoffer3752d ago

Team Bondi didn't create the facial capture tech.

Its called MotionScan and it was developed by a company called Depth Analysis. I think they're based in Australia.

Using cutting edge middleware is one of the hallmarks of Rockstar. They outsource a lot of the tech so they can focus on the creative side of things.

Love Rockstar. I'll wait to play LA Noire before I agree that Rockstar should buy them.

NYC_Gamer3752d ago

R* should acquire remedy&team bondi

Op243752d ago

Oh man if R* made a psychological thriller with Remedy....that'd be epic

jony_dols3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Hopefully Remedy will not implement any more annoying Stephen King references, that made the otherwise great Alan Wake, into an unimmersive cheese fest, in their next project....

Op243752d ago

ya. Hopefully their next game is a little more varied too. Combat wise atleast

Eelagba3752d ago

R* should definitely acquire Team Bondi!!

Apotheosize3752d ago

Rockstar should show us info on Agent

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The story is too old to be commented.