GameInformer: Motorstorm: Apocalypse Preview

MotorStorm's unique brand of extreme racing has already cruised through hostile outdoor environments like the jungle and the arctic. For an encore, Evolution Studios is going to the big city -- an abandoned metropolis decimated by a series of natural disasters that are still ongoing. This is, after all, the apocalypse.

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remanutd553857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

LUNATICS UNITE!!!!! see you all stormers partying at the end of the world lol

blusoops3857d ago

Yes, definite day 1 for me!!

Shazz3857d ago

This slipped right off my radar due to thinking about lbp2 and kz3 but this is day 1 for me too I loved pacific rift was insane online

Arup023857d ago

I would love to meet a person that this kind of thinking:

-Hey The world is ending!
-Cool, let's pick up some crazy cars and race in the middle of an abandoned city!

remanutd553857d ago

well thats what we gonna do when we play Motorstorm Apocalypse online!!!

blackburn53857d ago

Why not? Your going to die anyway might as well enjoy yourself.If you crash and die you just will meet your maker sooner that's all. I am going to have to sacrifice some games next year to get these that are coming out. Bayonetta, Resistance 1, MGS4 and LBP will be the first to go.

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