Another L.A. Noire Preview in GameInformer reports: "Another L.A. Noire preview has showed up on the latest issue of Gameinformer. This time Gameinformer was able to see an brand new mission aside from their first experience not that long ago. Apparently, in the mission that was provided to them by Rockstar, Cole was on a case during a "stint on the traffic desk". Cole and his partner Stephen Bukowski were investigating a car crash. What went from a normal car crash stems into something much more than what met the eye."

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stylez843860d ago

I'm liking how Rockstar previewed different missions to each publication. Really gives you a sense of what the investigations will be like.

Arup023860d ago

Looks like this game will be pretty hard.

MidnytRain3860d ago

Only for those who don't like to use their heads. :)

zu4G3860d ago

this will probably better than mafia 2..

Dellis3860d ago

This game isn't GTA OR MAFIA style, you will be so shocked at what makes up this game lol

zu4G3855d ago

yeah sure is..
ive just red the article that this aint a sandbox game..

Arup023860d ago

Someone knows if it will be a PC version?

Bolts3860d ago

I wouldn't hold my breadth.