CES: Glasses-free TVs get me excited about 3D again

Destructoid: Sorry, but I don't want to wear glasses. Not 3D ones, anyway. My dream of being able to appreciate 3D without glasses and headache might be coming true.

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electricshadow3860d ago

Glasses are the only reason why I haven't purchased a 3D-TV. I'm pretty excited for this.

ChrisW3860d ago

I saw a monitor that was "suppose" to be glasses-free 3D in the electronics district in Nagoya two days ago. The picture quality was really good, but I couldn't tell that it was 3D or at least not like the depth that you get from nVidia 3D Vision.

They even had it sitting next to a standard monitor for comparison.

-Mezzo-3860d ago

Same here, Me, My Dad & Brother even went out to get one, but i ended up convincing them not to get one & wait for this.