GamesRadar: Tiger Woods will not be on the cover of Tiger Woods 12

Yes, Woods won't even grace the cover of the latest entry in his own video game franchise. It's like Oprah not being on the cover of "O" magazine. The iconic golfing legend has appeared on the box art of every single Tiger Woords PGA Tour game since the series started some 12 years ago.

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DavePSU3859d ago

Wow. This is arguably the worst article I have ever seen... For starters, the official cover art for Tiger Woods 12 HAS been released...If it hadn't, how the hell would you guys know he's not on the cover? Second of all, Tiger Woods IS featured all over the Collector's Edition cover front and center.

That's right, not only is Tiger Woods on one of the revealed covers, but they've released two cover-arts already!

Way to keep up GR