How Important Are Graphics?

Game Podunk blogger, Khorne writes, "The genesis behind this article came awhile back when I showed my friends Minecraft, they didn't like the game, not because they didn't like the gameplay, it was because they didn't like the graphics. This stunned me because I liked the old school style that Minecraft was shooting for. I bottled this rage so I could spew it all upon Game Podunk in the form of these words I am writing, your welcome..."

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electricshadow3857d ago

IMO, not as important as gameplay and story. Sadly, it's the opposite in this generation. Sure, the game needs to look pretty good overall, but it doesn't need to be the most gorgeous game ever though.

Bereaver3857d ago

But, does it hurt if it is? No.

ravinash3857d ago


If the dev are spending too much time playing round with the graphics to the point where they are ignoring the game play, then of course it hurts the game.
You only need to see a game like Demon souls which is good graphics, but its the game play that keeps you coming back.

Xof3857d ago

What are graphics?

Bloom? Anti-aliasing? V-Sync? Texture quality? Frame rate? Resolution?

It's too wide a category. With bad "graphics," a game is unplayable. Literally. (Just look at NWN2 or a Bethesda game).

In terms of quality of animation, modeling, textures and lighting (which, let's be honest, is how most people define the term)... that's important too. Let's not kid ourselves. But the most important aspect of this definition, to me, is art design.

It's the difference between a generic brown shooter like Killzone or Call of Duty... and a bright, colorful game like Valkyria Chronicles or Uncharted 2.

EVO-OM3GA3857d ago

I love FF7 and i was impressed with the look of FF7 Crisis Core, not graphics arent everything

FF7 Oh the Memories, The Tears, The GOD DAMN ULTIMATE WEAPONS

ephellstrom3856d ago

Even with the graphics in this generation of games I've yet to encounter anything that scared me more than going up against the Ruby and Emerald weapons. Maybe it was just because they were so hard to beat, but I still wouldn't want to run into either of them in a bar.

EVO-OM3GA3856d ago

The dark aeons in FFX and the Created Monsters were a pain


Graphics are important but a game they are not.
Would rather gameplay and fun than blinded by an imaginary sun.