In-Depth with Okami

From the art direction to the setting to its very cool Celestial Brush mechanic, the game gives PlayStation fans a reason to ignore the PS3 for a bit and enjoy what may wind up being one of the PS2's best games.

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Siesser5381d ago

Can not wait to play this. This and God Hand (there's a third, new trailer on their site, by the way) have me salivating. Clover can do no wrong.

Bhai5380d ago

While I'm sure god hand will come up to be a fine title as it hits the shelves with all those Dante like styles, gameplay variety and that essential funny tone that accompany Clover games, I'm more excited about the Okami title and that stunning 30 milion $ Yakuza that Sega is cooking. That game is simply stunning and amazingly immersive. Before we get our hands on FF-XII and Rogue Galaxy, these titles are gonna own the day !