Razer Unveils Gaming Netbook: The Switchblade

Player Affinity says: "Razer, a company which has previously been known for making gaming peripherals like mice and keyboards, has unveiled their new concept gaming netbook, codenamed: Switchblade. In a video which is positively riddled with hyperbole, Razer CEO Min Liang Tan describes it as "Phenomenal" and a work of "Sheer Genius", while Razer President Robert Krackoff then goes on to explain that it "Magically" adapts its OLED keyboard to suit whatever game you're playing."

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snipermk03858d ago

NEAT!! I might buy myself one of those if it doesn't require me selling a kidney on ebay.

Dom63903858d ago

and if it wasn't just a concept and was actually on sale :) ! lol

Xfanboy3858d ago

actually I think it is more than concept.

Trizard3858d ago

Lol, If you read its title is "Introducing the Razer Switchblade Concept Design"

Definitely still a concept, but looks freaking awesome if they can get good specs in it and a fairly affordable price.

Is it just me or does the picture on the sight make it look tiny?

Pixel_Enemy3858d ago

It is really cool that the keyboard adapts and changes. I approve!

mmPete3857d ago

LOL, wow, this guys is a wanna be Apple speaker. He exactly like in the Apple commercials.....

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HolyOrangeCows3858d ago

"Razer Switchblade™ - A Revolution in PC Gaming"
More like an oxymoron.

Only costs 2 souls! In stores 2013!
Plays WoW on medium on its stunning 480p screen!
Keyboard supports a full 5 games!

lol, at least, that's what I'm expecting. If they want to prove me wrong and release it at a half-decent price...

Dom63903858d ago

Oh this article is slightly wrong ! the keys do not have tiny screens in them the whole base it one big screen and the keys are just on top of that. tbh id just follow the link to the official page for the real details.

LegitimateJournalist3858d ago

The keys are full of magic pixie dust, or something, according to the video.

StarScream4Ever3858d ago

And this will replace gaming notebook how???

tdrules3858d ago

do portable consoles replace consoles?

OtherWhiteMeat3858d ago

I have to say I'm pretty interested in this.I'm guessing it's about $400 bucks.

Handhelds_FTW3858d ago

I hope they release the system specs soon.

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