LotRO has tripled its revenue since going free-to-play

Free-to-play may actually be the proper way to offer MMOs instead of subscriptions, as Turbine has recently revealed that Lord of the Rings Online has tripled its revenue since switching the game over to that model back in September...

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Pandamobile2896d ago

Have a struggling MMO? Make it free to play, and you'll pretty much guarantee success.

Hello APB F2P.

N4GAddict2896d ago

I hope more publisher do this

Active Reload2896d ago

"LotRO has tripled its revenue since going free-to-play"


Panthers2896d ago

I dont really know how they do it, but I dont like the idea best gear in the game to be purchased with microtransactions.

I hope SW ToR isnt F2P

WhittO2896d ago

Not just struggling, Guild Wars came with F2P right out of the gate and sold millions, only because the game wasn't as robust or deep enough to play for years after did people stop playing.

If you look up Guild Wars 2 vids that game looks to be incredible.

imoutofthecontest2896d ago

Well, the difference being that Guild Wars isn't reeeeaaaaallly and *MMO* in the strictest terms. It lacks the "massively" part, specifically.

WhittO2896d ago

well, true but it is an online RPG mixed with MMO.

Really it is massive too, if you have EON expansion and the original, the map is HUGE, just as big as WOW, never mind the other 2 expansions that have their own HUGE maps/lands to explore!! It only lacks in content and updates..

DanCrabtree2896d ago

Micro-transactions are where it's at. Just ask Zynga.

WhiteNoise2896d ago

That's good to hear, if the majority of MMO's go free to play then I'll never have a gaming drought again.

OhReginald2896d ago

...or just make an amazing MMORPG that is worth your world of warcraft.

SnakeCL2896d ago

Except WoW was pretty mediocre when it was first launched. WoW was a case of being in the right place at the right time, not being far and away better than everything else out there.

Lirky2896d ago

im sure this will happen with Dcuniverse someday

P_Bomb2896d ago

I hope so. Then I'd buy it.

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