Role Playing Games: The Next Generation

What's next for the RPG Genre? What titles and what series' are going to take the genre and indeed the next generation of consoles by storm? Why are they going to do so? The RPG nuts at RPGSite investigate.

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kewlkat0075381d ago

I seem to play mostly Rpgs now from time to time...Ofcourse the RPG fomula has not changed in years. While the grapics and the worlds are getting bigger..the stories are still too linear.

Iam excited about some of the upcoming RPgs. Anybody knows if "Blue Dragon" will hit the US?
MY next RPG I buy might be ZELDa unless FF12 comes out first for the PS2 then I'll get that.

specialguest5380d ago

even though i still love the classic RPGs, it's refreshing to have something different once in a while like Oblivion. now if a dev. can figure out a way to combine those two styles, that would be great.