Sony’s 60 Million PSN users means Zero, Zilch, Nada

Leave it to Sony to point out some useless PR jabber about PSN users subscriber rates. According to the company’s CEO Sir Howard Stringer, PlayStation Network has 60 million registered accounts. Of course Mr. Stringer forgot to mention how many of those users are active vs inactive, and how many of those users are PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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Masterchef20073862d ago

the same could be said about XBOX live. But every single PS3 owner who has broadband has access to free multiplayer unlike the silver users of XBOXlive

samuraiX3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Read the last sentence

"Microsoft has clearly won the battle of the current Gen consoles, but the war still rages. Xbox 720 vs PlayStation 4 anyone?"

HAHAH 360 fanboy article....

just report this flamebite article.

Nitrowolf23862d ago

Yeah i got that from the title, knew it was gonna be one of those.

SnuggleBandit3862d ago

1. Don't give this lame site your hits.

2. Report the article by clicking the sprocket on the top right of this page

WildArmed3862d ago

Talk about low quality journalism *sighs*

We really need to get some QAs on N4G..
so we can expect something decent out of atleast 50% of the articles you read on n4g.

GWAVE3862d ago

Yessir. Flamebait at its toastiest.

Next up:

"Sony's list of 2011 exclusives means zero zilch nada. Multiplatform games are all people care about."

Pixel_Enemy3862d ago

I still could never understand when fanboys use sales as an argument. It doesn't matter how much it sells because it doesn't make the product better or worse. I care about games. I own both consoles so I won't miss out on a good game no matter the console but in my opinion, PS3 destroys 360 when it comes to exclusives.

VenomProject3862d ago

Heh, more like Xbox 720 vs PlayStation 3.

The PS3 has a waaayyy better lifespan than the 360.

Active Reload3862d ago

"Sony’s 60 Million PSN users means Zero, Zilch, Nada"

I took that as meaning no profits. Then you say the same could go for Live? How? And why?

visualb3862d ago

well look at the site

its all by a deranged person.

ABizzel13862d ago

You do realize the PSP also has PSN accounts. There are over 60 million PSP's sold so that's also a factor in why there are so many. Please people read, or educate yourself before saying something, or else you'll look like this guy. A dumb fanboy.

dkgshiz3862d ago

Even though the wii has won the console wars.

morganfell3862d ago Show
blackbeld3862d ago

Again another pathetic 360 fanboy article. M$ losing every console war and they just ignore they are losing. Really pathetic.

FrankMcSpank3862d ago

Looks at picture**
Sings to tune of Double Rainbow**

"Double chin all the way across the face. Why oh oh yeah look at that fat ass. Whoah that's a full Chin, all the way! Double chin oh my god, double chin. What does it mean, he's so fat, like a lava lamp. Double chin, oh. Double chin,'s so intense. What does it mean, it staring to look like a triple chin... cries** That's the baddest f*cking the chin that I ever did see!!!! "

HolyOrangeCows3862d ago

"Of course Mr. Stringer forgot to mention how many of those users are active vs inactive"

LOL, interesting that he doesn't criticize MS for the same.

punkpop1013862d ago

Butthurt ps3 fanboys anyone??????????

MeanOldman3862d ago

the mods decide who is trollin no matter how many votes people make. i cant believe they mark morgan for trollin yet let this entire dam article stand. talk about havin bias. pretty clear where the mods stand. and look at the comment above me about ps3 fanboys. thats not trollin. of course not cause like the mods they are attackin the ps3.

Information Minister3862d ago

Unsurprisingly, the author of the article is also the contributor.

Looks like fanboy rants are news by N4G standards. *sigh*

GarandShooter3862d ago

@ Information Minister

Now all we need is for him to comment defending his 'article' and the douchebag trinity will be complete.

Matthew943862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

This just shows how people use N4G's PS3 population for hits, anything about sony gets a lot of hits and the site makes their money.

They know you will all flood in droves to defend sony to the death, that's what they want and that's what you do.

-X-3862d ago

Who the hell said that PS3 has more online players?

I think anyone with common sense can understand that most people on PSN have extra accounts since its free to make an account. I have like 4 or 5.

fabod863862d ago

maybe is a neogaf banned user too... lol :D

xtremeimport3862d ago

"Microsoft has clearly won the battle of the current Gen consoles, but the war still rages. Xbox 720 vs PlayStation 4 anyone?"

and then he says "Update: To be clear the same can be said about Microsoft’s 30 million subscribers, they to left out the active vs inactive numbers. Not trying to start a flame war between 360 and PS3 user that leads to Armageddon."

yeah, I think you were trying to start a flame war. lol

Spenok3861d ago

Yeah you could pretty much figure that out before reading the article just by reading the headline. :/

AngryTypingGuy3861d ago

Question: If this article were the other way around, would you all be so quick to call it crappy journalism, or would you pile on the "agrees"?

The truth is more people should use PSN since it is free to do so. But companies are about making money. Since Xbox makes WAY, WAY more money with Live than Sony does with PSN, doesn't Microsoft win in that particular area?

Inside_out3861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

Sales are a reflection of the gaming communities preference...of course the PS3 is losing the sales race this gen so the PS3 community want to pretend it doesn't matter...UNLESS your talking about a game like Alan wake, then it matters...O_o

When M$ released their XBL numbers last year, revealing they had generated 1.2 BILLION dollars off of XBL, Sony and Nintendo share holders wanted to lynch mob them. So Nintendo said they were going to implement a pay as you play and Sony in fact did.

So getting back to the 60 million PSn thing, it doesn't mean anything when number one, Sony has sold 45 million PS3's NOT 60 million...Number 2, the vast majority of those accounts are generating very little or actually nothing since it's FREE.

I understand Sony's pain as I to own a PS3 and a 360 but the PS3 community needs to stop panicking at every M$ triumph. So kinect has shipped 8 million's not necessarily sales tho there is an obvious demand out there.

Go out and buy all the consoles since at this point they are cheap and sit back and laugh at the fanboys.

MeanOldman3861d ago

"Since Xbox makes WAY, WAY more money with Live than Sony does with PSN, doesn't Microsoft win in that particular area?"

no. listen at you. a company forces gamers to pay for somethin that should eb free an thats why you think they win. please. you miss the point. whose side you on. the company that wins is the company whose gamers win an that would be psn.

jeseth3861d ago

Considering this gen is far from over and PS3 has yet to drop to the $200 price point and still outsold 360 globally year on year, I would not say anything yet.

If you need examples, please refer to :



P.S. To the author, if you are going to TRY to write something, don't make waht you're saying sound like a fanboy rant.

Oner3861d ago

What about the Xbox LIVE! Silver users or the PC gamers that have to sign up to Xbox LIVE! to play "Games For Windows Live" Online and lastly there are Windows 7 Cell Phone users as well that have to do this to which adds to the extremely low amount that MS claims for their service. If anything that just shows how bad LIVE! is really doing because their numbers are so low.

Whatever...this article is straight BS. Oh and @ MeanOldman ~ I completely agree 100%.

Anon19743861d ago

You've got to wonder where the mods are when an article can receive almost a hundred reports and not be removed from the site. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the ability of the community to report articles to keep utter trash like this off the site?

Why do we even have a "report" button if no one listens?

This article is garbage. It's poorly written. It's flamebait. It's spouts opinion without even attempting to back it up. It's not even 200 words long.

Seriously. WTF?

deafwing3861d ago

you know. I really want to know how took that pic of balmer lol. it's so funny and also the first thing to pop up on google image searches

but yea on topic - does it really matter about the count? for example, I have 12 accounts.

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Tony-A3862d ago

Everyone check out that website! This guy has more insight than anyone in the industry! He's the only one who knows how many active users are in PSN and XBL.


Kran3862d ago

Microsoft never said how many accounts that have been made. I have to admit, Sony did fault here.

Parapraxis3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )


MS has certainly said similar. Oh wait, you have fantard amnesia, no worries.

Kran3862d ago

again with the fanboys thinking im a fanboy. I AM NOT A FANBOY!


I KNOW THEY SAID SOMETHING SIMILAR, but when they did, people bitched about it, so Sony faulted too, and yet nobody is really bitching.

ASTAROTH3862d ago

Ohh Sorry man !!

I beg your forgiveness for all the PS3 people here, you ARE NOT a FANBOY ... you are just a poor kid with only a 360.

Keep feeding your green plastic pig with the quarters your grandma gave you, that way someday you could buy a PS3. Maybe this year Sony reduce its price again so fanboys like you... sorry "gamers" like you can afford it.

Hey on the brigth side if your pig is too fat, at least you dont have to pay for the PSN subscription.

Maybe we could do a marathon or fund rising for you.

oli3861d ago

bro, both of you are pathetic for the comments you just posted

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Eyeco3862d ago

"Microsoft has clearly won the battle of the current Gen consoles"

*looks at wii

and even if you do that the "war" isn't over, notice how this fanboy "journilist" doesn't provide any facts supporting his narrow minded claim.


AceofStaves3862d ago

Shhh...don't bring up the Wii and its mammoth success. That's a reality check some people can't handle. ;D

Passthemic3862d ago

True, but if you want access to more then just mulitiplayer then you have to pay up. PlayStation Plus?

Seijoru3862d ago

What? Playstation Plus is a discount service. Kinda like paying subscription for coupon books but better 'cause you also get free games every month.

nycredude3862d ago

Bro get a life man. Fact is It's free to play online. Period. No if and buts about it.

Tony-A3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Did you really just say that?

.... *looks back at everyone else*

Did he really just say that?

mastiffchild3862d ago

@derangedshaman-seriously, you slag off PSN and you don't even know what PlayStation Plus actually is?

As pointed out all it is is an option. You don't NEED it to do anything and can buy from PSN and play every game on PSN without, like you, ever even knowing what P+ is or what it does for you as PSN remains completely free. If you want the MP portion of your game, however, and only own a 360 you're gonna HAVE to keep on paying for Gold if you want your full money's worth-it's a gun to your head. P+ offers a few deals and a few incentives like games for no extra fees as long as you subscribe and more access to beta tests and maybe demos a bit early but it's mainly discounts for games and DLC on PSN and if you BUY something it remains yours even if you leave P+. All you lose are the games that came for no extra charge as part of your sub if/when you stop paying.

As I say, it's an option that you're free to guage whether or not it's likely to save you cash and if it does great but PSN users don't need to worry as if they don't think it's for them they won't be missing out on any gaming they want to do as a result. There's no need to buy it-I haven't as I don't think I'd get value from it but if I wanted more PSN games I'd possibly love it but we still get to play online for free and that's PSN's BIG draw for me.

It's fine that you like your 360 better-that's your choice, but don't knock things you don't know anything about. 60million gamers is STILL a big market for Sony to sell to whether some are duplicates(I have a duplicate PSN account in Japan and the boys have their own upstairs on their PS2 making three accounts but that's for FIVE gamers in our house so, like the Live subs, there are probably a lot MORE gamers with PSN access(and therefore likely to buy or get mum and dad to from the store)than Sony are letting on with this 60million. A captive audience of 60million, whoever you are, is nothing to be sneezed at-so why knock it?

A lot of opinion dressed up as not very well investigated fact here which doesn't help the argument within whatsoever-exclusives don't matter? Riiight, aren't exclusives the reason for buying one console ovcer another? The reason for sticking with a platform? Thgere's only, really, Gears that , so far this year, I know I need to keep a 360 for but Sony is really serving me well with exclusive after exclusive. The multis all play the same, look the same these days(and if there's a gap in performance it's so slight I couldn't see it anyway and, in any case, I prefer my DS3 to 360 pad when it comes to it)so where's the need for me to pay for Live when PSN is free? If M<S show me the number of quality, core, experiences Sony are doing then, certainly, I'd have an amazing reason not just tom keep my 360 but to get paying a bit of Live again too.

As it is now I MIGHT get a month to see if Gears3 works a bit better online than Gears2 but that's it-because there aren't enough reasons to get Live again or to convince me back into more gaming on the 360 itself. Exclusives are what would change that. They matter to me and many, many others. Halo and AW were reasons I bought my first 360 FFS, main reasons-they're exclusives so do they not matter either?

WesMcLaren3862d ago

You post stories bashing the ps3 AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT PS+ ACTUALLY IS...learn before you comment.

Rhythmattic3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

The simplest of equations.

360 $0
YES X game chat
NO online multiplayer.

PS3 $0
NO X game chat
YES online multiplayer

Dee_913861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

so X game chat = $50 a year

wait .. u can use Xgame chat not online ?

thats a real question btw

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starchild3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

I have 5 PSN accounts. Just sayin'.

Snakefist303862d ago

I hav 1 PSN account and Im Happy with it.Just sayin!

nycredude3862d ago

I have one Psn account and One xbox live account I stopped using 2 years ago. Jsut saying.

Silly gameAr3862d ago (Edited 3862d ago )

Me too. :). Different regions mean different content, and it's all free to make those too. I'm loving that.

gamer01234563862d ago

i have 4 psn accounts.....1 xbox live yeah the number of psn accounts is virtual useless....unless your trying to make consumers think that 60 million people own a ps3 and all play online lol..what ever makes sony play is free hurray !!!! BUY A PS3 AND JOIN US 60 million!

duplissi3862d ago

i have 4 psn accounts, and over the years have had 3 xbl accounts... just sayin.

shadowknight2033862d ago

yeah ive made prob about 20-30 myself over the past few yrs

Jazz41083862d ago

its real easy to see who supports ms on this site. Start at the top amd go down and see who has more disagrees then agress and bam its a positve comment about ms or a negative on sony. The only thing biased is this site n4g and its community which fails to realize that the 360 and ps3 are both good consoles.

4me23862d ago

3 xbox live ( no gold at the moment) and 2 PSN ..... Just sayin'.

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hakis863862d ago

EPIC picture of Ballmer, lol!!

GamerSciz3862d ago

@derangedshaman You need to get your facts straight. One important thing was left out and one thing was completely misinterpreted by you. One thing you left out is that each PS3 can have up to 5 accounts and each of those accounts can have different PSN accounts. So take 60million and divide by 5 and that's how many people minimum have a PS3. However very few people have more then 2 let alone even 3 and barely any use all 5 so the number is still damn high.

Second, MS did not sell 8 million kinect...they SHIPPED that many. There have been a number of articles talking about that as it is stating that they shipped that many because of the high demand but have not yet sold all of them. Next time get your facts straight and don't use slang and lingo in your article and check your grammar (some of it is wrong) if you want to be taken seriously.

Dark_king3862d ago

To correct you,each PS3 can have 15 accounts each account can be on up to 5 different PS3's.I believe this is what you ment.

8thnightvolley3862d ago

i was waiting or an article like this 60 million psn accounts ..REALLLLYYYY...??

i for one have 5 accounts on psn.. i wonder how many other ppl have so i dont see how 60 million makes sense.. its free .. either way

FLAME ON...!!!

Dee_913861d ago (Edited 3861d ago )

I dont see why people keep bringing up how many accounts they have

If there 60 mill accounts and probably about 45mil ps3s sold

It doesent take a rocket scientist to realize people have more than 1 account on their ps3

theEnemy3861d ago

Masterchef2007 pretty much said what needs to be said.

otherZinc3861d ago

SONY lies all the time & people suck this stupid ****-up.

There aren't even 60million PS3's in homes!
So why fabricate actual sales of consoles (every smart person knows that is what they want the public to believe), boasting 60million PSN accounts.

SONY stretching the truth once again & idiots will believe anything they say. Ask SONY where is cross game chat?! Do that.

cyborg69713861d ago

Wtf are you talking about? The main man himself said there were 60 mill are you saying he's full of it? Gtfo

moparful993861d ago

You do realize that psn accounts can be created on psp's right? Yea didn't think so captain genious.. Why can't you just chill your jets and aknowledge that sony is actually good at what they do.. We know its a threat to your precious xbox live but neither of them are going anywhere so why are popping blood vessels over it? lol silly...

darksied3861d ago

Who approves this crap?

seedaripper19733861d ago

This is a transcript of what i posted over there...

@ Serge, Gobsmacked! you cant even write you pathetic prick!
"about his company console"... It's 'companies'.
"sold 8 million unit"... It's 'units'.
"they to left" ...It's 'too'
"360 and PS3 user that leads to Armageddon"... It's 'users'.
Get a grasp of the fucking english language first, then give me a rebutal! Arsehole...
Would you care for cream with your pwnage pie sir?